Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Soap! *with pics this time*

So as I've mentioned once or twice... I've found easy ways to make soap. It's been easy and fun!! The worst part about it.... is cleaning the soap of the dishes used to make it, and the overpowering smells! hahaha!!!!!
When you make numerous batches, the combo of smells gets to me. And you have to use alcohol on it (not in it!!!) and that makes even more smells!

But it's fun and I'm gonna start trying to sell it.
But I've hesitated putting pictures of i on here because my sister follows my blog and she's getting some for Christmas.
AND because of schedules, she still hasn't gotten her presents from me, nor I from her. Sigh.... I'm becoming impatient, really.

Well I took some pics today of what I have made recently and have left after presents. There are still some that are in her presents that I'm not posting. So that's a plus. haha!!!

Hope you like them! And if you do... check out Soap Queen TV on youtube or brambleberry.com for DIY kits.

 this plaid soap looks complicated but it's not! 

 lemon soap! 

 random bars I had from left overs.

 total amount I have left. 

Papa Roach - Kick In The Teeth

LOVEEEE THIS SONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

that's all I have to say about that.

Monday, December 30, 2013

George Michael - Father Figure

man I love music. Here's another blast from the past. I don't care what people say about him or what he's done.. MUSICALLY he's awesome. Seriously a really talented guy. I love this song. Hope you do too!

Michael Jackson - You Can't Win

I love Michael Jackson, always have! This song is sooooooo catchy and fun!!!!!!
It came on my itunes and I just danced around the house while I made my soap. hahaha
Speaking of soap.... I will post pics of it after I can finally give it to my sisters for Christmas. I don't want any spoilers!!! heheh

Well enjoy the groove and get off your booottayyy.

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Ed Sheeran -- I See Fire -- The Hobbit: The Desolation Of Smaug

holy crap. Ed Sheeran has more talent in his little toe than most people!!!!!!!!!
great song. Great movie. Great mix of them together.

ps... i'd loveee to have tea with Peter Jackson!!

Ed Sheeran -- I See Fire -- The Hobbit: The Desolation Of Smaug

holy crap. Ed Sheeran has more talent in his little toe than most people!!!!!!!!!
great song. Great movie. Great mix of them together.

ps... i'd loveee to have tea with Peter Jackson!!

Ed Sheeran -- I See Fire -- The Hobbit: The Desolation Of Smaug

holy crap. Ed Sheeran has more talent in his little toe than most people!!!!!!!!!
great song. Great movie. Great mix of them together.

ps... i'd loveee to have tea with Peter Jackson!!

Thursday, December 19, 2013

prepare to loseeee your MIND with this talent!

the Sing-off is becoming my favorite singing competition! You have nothing but pure talented vocalist, making you lose your mind, completely acapella!!!!! Singing acapella ain't easy, child. IT AIN"T!!!!

So enjoy this amazzzzzzing cover of "Skyfall" by the group TEN.  who BETTER win this show or i'll cry literal tears!

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Soap... do you wanna make it??


I am always seeing the cutest bars of soap on Pinterest and  I wondered if there was an easy way to make soap. I looked it up and came across the "old fashioned" way to make it.. with water, lye, oils, and etc. Sounds a bit EXPENSIVE and difficult. So I kept searching... and found a method called "melt and pour" soap making. You buy premade soap bases, and then add your own fragrance, color and molds to make WHATEVER you can THINK OF!!
Well there's a great site called BrambleBerry  where you can buy melt and pour soap kits and plenty of pre-made bases, fragrances, and colors.
And the lady, the Soap Queen, Anne Marie, has a greatttt youtube channel to learn all of it!
She answers a lot of questions, if you have any on youtube or twitter. I've found her very friendly!!!!
So if it's something you were looking for an easy way to make and make some birthday or Christmas presents (probably too late for this christmas, unless you live near a craft store.. I don't sadly..), I would check it out.
Just made my first batch (plaid soap kit) and had left over, so i made random bars for fun to sell to my friends.
Give it a shot! It's fun! AND EASY!!!!!

Monday, December 16, 2013

Keith Urban - We Were Us ft. Miranda Lambert

never usually a fan of Miranda Lambert, but I do LOVE this song!! Great vocal harmonies.
Keith Urban does no wrong in my eyes!

some contests i found for you to enter.

Hey guys! Been a busy weekend off. Doing DIY projects for Christmas presents.
Let's just hope people like them!!

Well I get an email from Whole Moms every day and she always has some good contests to enter. So I picked a few that I liked and thought you might like.  :)

you should know if it's a trip.. i'm gonna enter! haha


i personally don't like bags... I don't have that much stuff I need to carry... but that's crazy! Those bags they don't give away.... and my sister would love to enter this!!!

for all of you like me, that NEED to travel! Do I love flying.. no. Would I do it for free, YES! I got places to see! :)

If I find anymore I will let ya know!!!!!!
Hope you're weekend went by slower than mine did!

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Young the Giant: My Body

I stumbled upon this song on my i heart radio station, based off my favorite band The Killers. it has such a good beat. I couldn't get away!!! had to share it with everyone!

Hope you enjoy it!!!!

What's a great band you've found because of pandora or i heart radio???

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Enter to win an all expense paid trip to Switzerland!!!

I get a lot of emails about trips and contests to enter. And I ALWAYS enter the ones with trips. I'm a free spirit! I wanna see the WHOLLLEEE WORLD!
 So I saw this contest and was like... hmmm never thought about going to Switzerland before!
but I said to myself... 'swiss cheese is good! ooohh swiss mocha chocolate flavored stuff. It can't be bad!!!"

So i entered to win. hahah!!!!! you should too. contest ends 12-14! get on it


Friday, December 6, 2013

$5 off PhotoJoJo order!!

If you've never checked out Photojojo... you should! they have a lot of really awesome photo accessories! Even a lens attachment for your PHONE for more awesome photos!!!!!!! So use this link.... and get $5 off your order!!! woot woot. so much awesome stuff!!!!

Whatcha See is Whatcha Get

Oh I was born in the wrong decade!!!!!!!!!
I love this funky soul music SO much!
and these outfits!!!! BRING THEM BACK IN STYLE!
I feel like Barney Stinson... SUIT UP!!!!!

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Urban Decay Vice 2 Giveaway from Le Chateau de Fleurs!!!! Rafflecopter inside! :)

Le Chateau de Fleurs is giving away the luxurious and sophisticated Vice 2 Palette from Urban Decay a $59 value. Something you don't want to miss! Urban Decay is an awesome brand! Just bought an eyeshadow pallet recently I wear ALL the time! Enjoy:
Experiment with insanely cool brights, not-your-average neutrals, and sexy hits of smoke, all in our decadent, revamped formula. In case you weren’t around for the frenzy of the original Vice Palette, here’s the deal: yes, Vice 2 is limited edition and it WILL sell out. (With 20 EXCLUSIVE shades you won’t find anywhere else, what would you expect!?)

What you get:
Smokeout (dark taupey-black satin), Lovesick (black matte w/iridescent micro-glitter), Shellshock (bright metallic silver), Coax (medium metallic pink w/golden iridescent micro-sparkle), X-Rated (baby pink satin), Prank (deep navy matte w/turquoise floating pearl), Madness (bright metallic blue shimmer w/blue micro-glitter), Strike (antique gold shimmer w/silver micro-glitter), Stash (deep olive green shimmer w/iridescent micro-sparkle), Poison (charcoal satin w/iridescent micro-sparkle), Radar (metallic brown shimmer w/iridescent micro-glitter), Damaged (bright metallic emerald shimmer), Voodoo (metallic purple shimmer w/iridescent purple micro-glitter), Betrayal (bright purple satin w/blue shift), Derailed (medium metallic taupey-brown shimmer), Dope (warm champagne satin), Toxic (metallic copper-pink shimmer w/tonal micro-glitter), Habit (light nude matte), Ambush (metallic brown satin) and Rewind (medium brown matte).

Fill Weight: 20 x 0.8 g NET WT. 20 x 0.03 oz

Available for both USA and International Entrants
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Monday, December 2, 2013

HANSON - Tonight

as you know i love hanson. always have.... well this song is off of their album Anthem (came out this past June.. be sure and pick it up!) and it has continued to stay one of my favorites. it's a great song about following your dreams, whatever they are, because you don't always get a second chance.

don't mind the video... youtube doesn't always have the best choices for songs that aren't singles!!!!!!!

Saturday, November 30, 2013

Weekly Giveaway from She Finds!

I don't know if you're signed up for the She Finds newsletter.. but I am. It's a good site for fashion and beauty, which i enjoy. They do a weekly giveaway. Very easy to enter, just email and address.
check it out. Good luck!!
This week is a pack from Hanes!

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

WIN a Canon camera!!!!!!

If you know me... I love photography. Like a lot. I take more pictures than anyone I know!! My sister said to me once, "What do you have like a million pictures of Kaylyn?" Kaylyn is my niece.. she is 7. And I have over 1000 pictures of her just that I've taken. It's not enough tho!!
I have owned 2 Canon's in my life and I LOVEEE THEM!!!!!!! And after I post this link to enter for you.. i"m gonna go enter for me!
Good luck! I wish you all the best.

thanks to Secret Society of Bubblers!

yay! got internet finally!

So I finally got internet today! Got it through hughes net. Which hasn't been too bad so far. Sometimes it gets a little slow... but i can't complain! I'm sitting on my laptop actually able to do stuff!!!!!!
which means I can blog more. Which means I can enter contests! FREEE STUFF! i need some of it... and you probably do too!!!

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

urban decay. small sale

Urban decay is having a little sale right now. Ya, it's little. but you can try some of their stuff for really cheap! like 1/2 off or more!!!!!!!
woo woo!

Go here, ladies!

win $5000 trip to whatever!

I was on woman's freebies today and found this sweepstakes. oh mannnnnn. do I wanna win this! I'm a sucker for travel!
let me see the world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Win an Almay beauty prize pack!

Just go HERE to enter a Almay Beauty Prize pack from shape magazine! You do not have to subscribe the magazine to enter! :)

Ten lucky readers can score 7 best-selling products from the Almay makeup collection, including: Smart Shade CC Cream™, Wake-Up™ Undereye Concealer, Intense i-Color Defining Liner™, Intense i-Color Volumizing Mascara™, Brow Defining Pencil, Smart Shade™ Powder Blush and Color + Care™ Liquid Lip Balm (value, $55). Fill in the fields below for your chance to win. 

check all that! :)

Win a Tassimo brewing system!!

Head over to facebook now and enter!!! maybe you could win! :) Good luck

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Win a Trip to Costa Rica!!!!

http://bloodsweatandcheers.com/u/2kif Enter to win a trip for 2 to Costa Rica!! Worth over $4000!!!!

um yes please! always wanted to go myself!

Friday, October 18, 2013

sorry for the lack of posts!!!!

Sorry for the lack of posts. I had a phone, it was ghetto and evil. Like formed in the fires of Mordor, evil!!!!!!
And I just got a new phone (Windows Phone) and so far it's been much better! Less evil..... which surprises me cuz I'm such a windows hater. haha! but all the same, I download the blog app..... and it won't let me log in!!
that's the way it goes. so i'm gonna keep trying and figure out why it's not working. or I'll cut someone. haha
either way.

hope you're all doing well. I'm sitting at the library. Didn't want to leave the house as we get our first snow today. ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww. winter. get out of here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Cheap kraft recipes magazine!

Hey! I love the kraft recipes email I get. Well one was for kraft food and family. Which is a magazine with tons of awesome recipes to try!
Well if you go here. You can sign up to get a subscription. And if you do it for 2 years (only $13.98) you get a free gift!! Woo!
Andddd you can add better homes and gardens for only $5! That's a whole year!
You best believe I got both!! :)

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Holy hell!!!!!!!!!


Omggggggggggggggggg!!!!!!!!!!!!soooo ready! Hurry up october 8th!


Hey! I'm really missing my supernatural convention I came back from a week ago! Aaah withdrawals
So I went and looked up a band one of the cast members is in. Not bad! The lead singer, Rob Benedict, played Chuck/Carver Edlund in the show. A great character who wrote books that were based on sam and dean's lives...without their knowledge. Some really great stuff!!
Anyway he was sooo funny in real life and so sweet! In the very short time I talked to him, he tried to get to know me. And those blue eyes!! Wow. What a guy (too bad he's married.. haha)
So check it out!!! Its very indie rock, but you might like it!


Saturday, September 28, 2013

Shot at the night


Hey guys! Been such a busy week. Went to a supernatural convention, came back with a bad cold, work work work. Zzzzzz
So on a happier note.. new killers song! Woo! Love it. Listened to it on repeat for like an hour one day haha

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Battle born


Amazing song from an amazing album. Don't forget you are battle born!

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Miss atomic bomb




Shall I count the ways I have reblogged thee??? Eh.. nah. You will see it again!



Love the lyrics to this song

Bored. So lets talk about movies...

So I've been sitting at a hospital for like 2 weeks, 12 hours at a time. Very exhausting and usually boring (for work) so I've been catching up on tv and movies.
Bought season 8 of Supernatural, my all time favorite show! Going to my first convention in 2 days! Aaah!!!!! Can't wait! So I watched that over two nights. Great stuff. The end surely frustrates me. They are like the leaders of cliffhanger finales....
Rented Star Trek Into Darkness, but couldn't hear it. (That was a bad night...) so I can't say much about it.
Oblivion surprised me! Liked it from the get go and it was just a great story. Tom Cruise reallly won me over in that movie! Watch it!
Epic- I rented tonight. Had some cute spots. Got bored a bit. I am very upset that I am not a flower person that gets to fly on birds...very upset!
World War Z- didn't know what to expect but heard nothing but good things. Overall really good! Good story, didn't write it like a horror movie. Thank God! Brad Pitt did a great job in it too.
The Hobbit- seen it numerous times. Gets better everytime! Hurry up december! I wanna see The Desolation of Smaug!!
After watching that I watched Return of the King and earlier Two Towers. Then researched how much a trip to New Zealand was.... bucket list!!!

Now I'm just wishing time would hurry up! Sooooo tired after working 15 hr days (after driving) every day! Need nap. Need a roadtrip and fun times in Dallas with Supernatural fans!

Hope you all are doing well!



This song has some kick ass moments. Woooo

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Unbelief vs. Faith


What a great message. Its long... but watch it. You won't regret it if you have issues your believing for and keep worrying and thinking it won't come to pass

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Important message about your thinking


I've heard him talk on this message a lot! But he has to... it is that important. (Got a 2nd part on his channel if u want more!!)

Saturday, September 7, 2013

enter to win a jeep wrangler!

Here's another contest my selfishness almost didn't want to post!!! I love Jeeps. I want one.. so bad!  A yellow or an orange one. Oohh man I'd look hot in that!
Just imagine!
but I can't afford to buy one! haha so ... here i'll try to win one!

ENTER HERE for a chance to win a 2013 Jeep Wrangler from amazon. (found on Whole Mom's blog)

Good luck!

ooh! win a 1956 redone Chevy nomad from Diet Mt Dew!

ohhh my! how about I don't even post this link.. I want that car! it's sooooooooo awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

nah.. i'll be nice.. for once! hahah! ;)

ENTER TO WIN! or don't....  it's up to you

win a $200 amazon gift card.

I love amazon so this was just the contest for me!!!

Good luck!!!


Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Feeling human?

I don't know about you, but most days I wonder if I am even human. I don't like many things people my age (31) do.... I never have. I barely drink. The idea of doing irresponsible things, frustrates me. I am still a virgin and almost never tempted to lose it. I love being alone and barely need human contact. However, I do like talking to people on twitter...which makes no sense to me. I 98% of the time hope I never get married and can just travel the world, and find a career. I don't usually want the things I'm "supposed" to want: sex, partnership, family, and kids. My brain usually goes "ewwww!" To those.
However, there is one man that has always been in my heart. And when I look at him, I suddenly don't think marriage is a bad idea. My ovaries start longing for babies. I think I could settle down and be human...just normal like everyone else.
But that's not possible now, and maybe not ever. So what do I do? Because without him, I'm fine by myself. Happy even! But with him, if possible, I know it would be beyond wonderful.
Sigh. I wish I were a robot void of human emotions! Haha!
I mostly just want to know where the road is and how to get on it. I don't want to make stupid decisions and be miserable 10 yrs from now. Alone, I'm fine with. Him, I'm fine with. Just give it to me straight, life. One way or the other.

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Did man make aids???

Whoa.. read this article like now!!!!!!!!

I'm readibg a book called "true evil" by Greg Iles about a murderer who kills people with cancer. How? Just read the book!! Got me thinking...... cuz he mentioned a program called VCP or special virus cancer program. So I looked it up...stumbled on this article. Now I wonder...did man make AIDS and distribute it out to wipe out the gay population?? I don't know....but now I wonder.....

Mmmm 1/2 off on gourmet berries

$15 for $30 Worth of Gourmet-Dipped Strawberries from Shari's Berries http://gr.pn/16trjlD

Friday, August 23, 2013

Painting class.

So I have always wanted to learn how to paint. Trouble is....I'm not very artistic. Haha I can't draw, unless it is abstract and makes no sense. But they have this great place in wichita called let's paint wichita
And you can take a class and keep your painting. It costs $35 a class, but I got mine for $17 from groupon! And I have a voucher for a free class as one I planned for was cancelled.
Well it was fun and easier than I expected. She was a good teacher and helped explained how to do things I though would be so hard (the eyes!)
Overall I'm pleased with it. Of course its not perfect as I want it to be, but its cute :)

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Kiss me, my dear.

So I have realllyy taken a liking to the lipstick I got in my birchbox this month. Its by model cosmetics called party proof lipstick in Kitty. Its a beautiful soft pink, a good pink nude (I don't like a lot of color on my lips). And it smells AMAZINGG like strawberries...or something!! Mmmm so yummy. And its smooth and stays quite a bit. :) had to share

Friday, August 16, 2013

You too faced.....

:) I had to get your attention, didn't I?? Well if you never read anything, then you don't know of my love for the brand Too Faced. Oh their eyeshadow sets are too lovely. I wear them every day. Their eyeshadow primer lasts over 12 hours usually  (unless you are super sweaty...)! Their plumping lip gloss works. I love them. A lot.
Well and silly me neverrrr even thought to look to see if they had an official site, not just sold through sephora or ulta.  But I looked it up and signed up for an account. Because I am obsessed (if only they were cheaper..poo!) And ended up buying the summer eyeshadow box. Mmmm it looked like summer. (Well technically not this summer..what up, kansas? Rain much?!) Beautiful stuff. And then a bronzer and brush kit. :) they make wonderful bronzers.
But when you sign up for an account to be on the A-list (freeeee) you get a 10% off coupon code to be used on your purchase!  Woot woooott!!
Sooooooo head your pretty butt and face over to Too Faced and sign up!

Mm so beautiful I shall be.....

Too much to say....

Sorry I've been a bit quiet lately. I have thought of numerous things to blog. But I always get hesitant. Most people don't want to know what is really bothering me. Trust me, they don't. So I've come to just not talking about it. The way I did as a kid and teenager and just let it bottle up inside me. A part of you wants to pop when it bothers you, the other is too hurt and cynical to care. So I don't say anything at all.
I will keep it all in general and short.
I don't understand God. He clearly told me a million times this dream was going to happen. Still nothing. 1/2 my life later, nothing. Feels further than ever. Because people have free will. People constantly throughout life NEVER fulfill their destiny and place on God's road....free will. What an asshole it is....a backhanded compliment.
So what do you do when you know where you belong in an area of your life, but have to wait for someone to say "let's go!"?????? Who knows. I don't. I will not wait another 16 years, I assure you of that. I wish dreams didn't need other people..ugh.

And then I've been trying to lose weight. Did really good on exercising and then my overtime went back up. So I'm slacking again. And my appetite has been literally ravenous. I am NEVER full. Ever! My body issues wage on..... pfft.

So that's most of that. Sorry I'm emotional today. Ill try to be less cynical next post.

Friday, August 2, 2013

Glossy box! My first box

So I got a subscription to Glossy Box beauty sample box. I'm a smidgen bit obsessed with beauty boxes! You know my oily skin woes (which I can quelch now daily to those boxes!) And my random breakouts which are almost completely gone! I still get a few hormonal ones but nothing a little Yes to Tomatoes roller stick can't kick in a few days.

But I'm off topic. My boxes have been good to me, so I decided to try another and see if its better or worse. Glossy box runs $20 a month for 5-6 samples of high end products. I got a good box this time. Love the color of that nail polish! Can't wait to use it!
Tried the face wipes last night.....didn't make me greasy but it did look like I was going to break out this morning! Eeks...leave it for the roomie! Haha
The lip balm from Figs & Rouge I love, in cherry blossom. Thank goodness it has a light scent and tint, and doesn't taste like cherries (not a fan)! Its smooth and shiny. Makes my lips look and feel great! Runs $9! A bit high...but...might be worth it.
So far I'm happy.
Ooh! I almost forgot (running on no sleep...pardon me) the hair masque made my hair so soft....for my fine hair, will it be too soft? We shall see!!
See if it's for you!

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Slim fast shakes! Review

Hey! I happen to get a slim fast shake from influenster the other day. I had tried slim fast before and liked it! I was sent the strawberries and cream.
Didn't know what to expect since I don't always like the fake strawberry flavor, but love real strawberries. But it was good! Smooth and creamy. In it I received some cocktail recipe cards too. You know it is summer and girls just wanna have fun while they get skinnier!! :) good thinking slimfast!
I was pleasantly surprised at how filling it was, at only 180 calories. I didn't eat for about 3 hours. Which is realllyyy saying something for me! I can almost never get full! Ever! (Doesn't help with weight loss, I will tell ya that!)
So be sure and check them out online. There are tons of new flavors!

"This post was created in connection with my appointment as a SlimFast Ambassador."

Friday, July 26, 2013

35 children abandoned....how does this happen??


In this past article from 2008, you will read about a law that the state of Nebraska passed for newborn babies, but didn't put an age limit on it. So 35 kids were left at hospitals...none of them infants.
This infuriates me!! I only heard of it because of the book series I'm reading, "unwind".  Its a book set in the future where parents can sign to have their child, until they are legally an adult,  "unwound" and their parts sold like organ donation...... it is truly a disturbing thought. In this book there are no more abortions, which started the whole idea....
When did the human race begin to devalue life so much, they don't care how old their child is? What has happened to us? Is there any saving this race? Before we sell ourselves and our families for money?
Where is our conscience, world??

Oh and I think everyone should read this book series. He posts facts and articles that shows that we just might be headed to harvesting troubled teens for money.......awful. amazing books.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Song of the day. Bell bottom blues


What an amazing song. I just keep rewinding it. Hope you love it too

Win a year of netflix!

Over at tanga you can win a free year of netflix (which I can't live without!) And an 8 foot bean bag chair! Swweettt!!

enter here

Good luccckk :)

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Elves are pretty.

I blogged the other night about the site Choies. Well I went window shopping after that. And really enjoyed almost all of the brand Elf Sack It has some really pretty pieces, tops, bottoms, skirts. And most of it is pretty affordable really. Saw some great stuff I am going to have to break down and buy.
I love fashion, always bad about buying clothes! Haha I did buy myself a bright pink pair of pants from JCPenney that I love. Ooh comfy.
Anyway, take a look and I hope you love it!!

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Oh my! Eyeko eyeliner

So in my birchbox this month I got a full size Eyeko skinny eyeliner. Now its hard to find a smudge free liquid eyeliner. That said, as much as I love the effects of liquid eyeliner, I don't buy it. Because it is tooooo easy to mess up! Too easy to get too much and glops. Have eyeliner everywhere! Eww. No thanks! But I figured I would try this. As soon as I opened it, I could see it was different. You don't dip it. It has a soft point and looks like an elongated pencil. The eyeliner comes through this soft but firm spongy end. Goes on smooth and haven't made a mess yet!! Now that's saying something! If you wanna buy some head on over to birchbox and check it out! http://www.birchbox.com/shop/eyeko-skinny-liquid-liner

Monday, July 15, 2013

Mirenesse lipstick pencil

I have never been a big lipstick fan. I usually stick to chapsticks of all sorts or sometimes a sparkly lipgloss. But I got this Mirenesse lipstick pencil (is it lipstick?? I think so!) Glossy Kiss in #14 Perfect Kiss. Its a soft pretty pink.  And it goes on really smooth and soft, not too moist or sticky. I've really quite fallen for it. I think its a color that could look good on anyone! For realll!! They run about $26 but you just might love it!


Choies-The latest street fashiont

Sign up and get $15 worth of credits!! Wahooooooo!!! Fashion. Who else is singing David Bowie?! Haha :)

Win a trip to yellowstone!

Thanks national geographic traveler magazine! Hehe

You could win a trip for 2 to yellowstone and grand teton national parks!
Easy entry!

Enter here!

Win a trip to japan!

Japan. A crazzzyy world of its own. Its amazing to me how you never wanna go somewhere until you can go for freee!
Win a trip to japan with round trip airfare for two on delta.
City tour of tokyo
Japan rail pass
Hotel accommodations in tokyo and kyoto!


Gooodd luck!

Cut and blow

If you are like me, you have fallen in love with some product that's a bit out of your budget. Dang free samples!! Haha! But here if you sign up for cut and blow. You can find good deals on all kind of beauty products. Which is never a bad thing! Thinking about getting that fatgirl slim set from bliss on payday :)
Take a look around! And if you get friends to sign up you get a $5 credit!! Woo!

Friday, July 12, 2013

Free granola bars!

Free box of chewy granola bars! Quaker oats chewy dipped bars! Today only! From dillons, but can be redeemed within 2 weeks.
Go to dillons here and redeem your coupon today!!! Its automatically downloaded to your dillons card

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Scream and be free


One of my favorites off hanson's new album anthem. Also where they got the title from. Love the lyrics especially. And Zac's voice is amazing! :)

Crooked smile featuring tlc


Man I heard the last 10 seconds of this song on the radio and came straight back to my hotel and looked it up! Powerful lyrics, man! Especially if you struggle with insecurities. Hey, don't we all?!
This is a rap/r&b song but I suggest even if you don't like rap, give it a shot. Listen to the words.
And that gospel influenced ending, oooh child! Lovely.
I have never heard of j cole before, but I will be looking him up! Refreshing!!!!!!!!!

Honda Civic Tour

Honda Civic Tour
Go here and enter on facebook for a chance to win a customized  Maroon 5 Honda Civic!!!!! And a motorcycle. and a trip to HOllywood!!!!!!!!!!
I've been to Hollywood... trust me, you wanna go!

Monday, July 1, 2013



Jasmine told me about this one too. Not a fan of techno dance music, but that girl has a beautiful voice. Overall good song. Very catchy

I hate my job.


Well we all do sometimes.  This video cracks me up tho. I can't dance in heels! These men be showing me up! Hhahaah!
Met a cool girl at jc penneys in wichita, Jasmine, and she told me about it. So I had to look it up and share!


Sunday, June 30, 2013


This song is one of my absolute favorites off of hanson's newest album anthem. If you haven't heard hanson since 1997, start today!


Yes to! blueberries, you heavenly thing.

Check this out on AMZN: Yes To Blueberries Age Refresh Towlettes, 30-Count http://www.amazon.com/dp/B004NFTGA8/ref=cm_sw_r_an_am_ap_am_us?ie=UTF8

You have to check this out! I'm addicted to these cleansing wipes! They clean your skin so well. And leave your skin baby soft! Not greasy! Just pure softness. Ooh aah. I subscribed to it monthly. Thanks amazon.

Saturday, June 29, 2013

I cant live my life this way


Amazing song. Enjoy

Friday, June 28, 2013

Make up wear off? Try this CHEAP fix!!

Ok I know you guys all know my oily skin woes! Well I used the mineral veil from bare minerals that works pretty well to keep your foundation longer, and soaks up oils as well. Well I ran out and after moving my budget was smaller. So I went weeks with oily as french fries kind of skin! Ewww. Nothing more disgusting than skin you constantly have to blot!
So I found a hard candy face primer at walmart, helped a little but not enough. And then I remembered something I saw on pinterest...honestly, how did we ever live without it?! And it mentioned cornstarch. Well what could it hurt?
So I went to dollar general spent a literal $1on a box of cornstarch. Put a little bit of it in a small container (used the bare minerals jar) and put a little on a brush and covered my face. Now we shall see....
Enter 100+ degree days and 12 hour shift. I feel the powder starting to lose its effects (after sweating all morning before work) about 8-10 hrs in. Seriously!! It lasted almost all day. And I ran around a lot!
Even now I can feel it soaking up the oil and my face is dry, not too dry, and clean. Ooh aah.
I say give it a shot if you have trouble with makeup running away.

Monday, June 24, 2013

Want to help a good band out? Of course you do!

Well some online friends of mine, the band Spence, are trying to get into the studio and make an album!!!
Now I know you need new music as much as I do... so if you can donate ANYTHING as small as you want, do it!

Check them out and see if it's for yoU!!!!

Go to Rockethub now!

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Ulta!!! Beauty shopping. :)

So I was messing around online and playing with pinterest and kept seeing beauty bloggers mention the site ulta. So being a bit of a beauty addict. Had to go check it out. Well I'm glad I did!!! 1. They were having a sale. 2. They do the points reward system a lot like sephora (which I love) and if yu spend a LOT of money in a years time, you can literally get a free professional hair cut and color and oh gosh... There was something else that went with that, that was crazy awesome!!!! Some ladies have big budgets and would love that.
But if you go to www.retailmenot.com and search ulta, you can find coupons too.
So I say GOOOOO check it out. I bought some cheap stff on sale and can't wait to try them out.

Friday, June 14, 2013

Enter to win a MACBOOK AIR!!!!!!!

Ooh I have a MacBook.. had for 5 years. And it's slowly but surely getting old. haha I need a new one. You know you do too!

Easy entry.. just sign up for an email.



Monday, June 10, 2013

Sorry for the low posts! I have IDEAS

Sorry I haven't been able to post. Like I said before, I'm without wifi right now. Well....technically. haha Right now I'm sitting at a friends house using her laptop to tell you this.
But after the 21st I should be able to get some internet turned on at the new place and start getting going again.
I"ve been doing a LOT of thinking about this blog and the places I wanna go with it. I still am going to do my random picture posts. I love taking pictures.
I'm still gonna do random beauty products you should try and tell you what works and what doesn't! THAT IS IMPORTANT!!!!! haha!
Still gonna do random life things.... I'll try to not let them be so pouty.
But I really love music, as you know this.... and I was talking to this guy I met for like 2 hours the other night about music and what I want to do in life. And I still have the BIGGEST desire in my heart to work in that business, somehow. And I am more drawn to helping bands out than anything.  Like the bands that are so talented but no one has ever heard about them. Those guys. I particularly want to help those guys!!! I love watching people's dreams come true. And if I could be apart of that in any way helping them, then I'm all for it.
So I was thinking about picking like a band a week (I figured week so I have time to research and still go to work hahah) and then sharing videos and information about that band. Letting you know who they are musically and how you can keep in touch with them to know when they are going on tour, or whatever. Some bands are really awesome about using social media and you can make friends with a few. I know I have. So why can't you? You should!!!!!

So that's my big idea. I'll let you know about some as soon as I can!!

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Not Going to have Internet

Hey I'm moving this wekeend, THANK GOD! But because of that, it's gonna be a week or two before I have internet.
I"m guessing I'll probably go to the library when I have time and check stuff so I will still be able to keep in touch a bit.. .But the blog will go quiet.
I'm gonna get it turned back on as soon as possible. haha I hate not having wifi.. I get so bored. Here... let's watch another dvd, self!!!


let's hope my bills aren't as much as I think they will be next week.....

Saturday, May 25, 2013

30 Foods You'll Never Have To Buy Again

30 Foods You'll Never Have To Buy Again

this is a great list I have to remember where i found it!! haha
Find recipes to make your own potato chips, NUTELLA, peanut butter, hummus, sirachi, and much moreeee

Friday, May 24, 2013

Panic Station-- Muse. Song of the day. ooohhh

Oohhhhhh 1 2 3 4 5.. blah blah blah.. can't understand a word he says. haha
I don't care WHAT he says. I love this beat. This song is killing me with it's funk. haha Fast forward to like 55 seconds if you want to hear the song. Dang videos with their talking!!!!

love it. that groooveeee is sick, man. sick!

The 25 Greatest Sloths The Internet Has Ever Seen

The 25 Greatest Sloths The Internet Has Ever Seen <-- ain="" lie="" no="" p="" t="" this="">I almost died of laughter!

almost dieedddd.

Living Social deal-- $9 for $18 worth of stuff from soap

Soap.com is a great site. I've bought stuff from them before using a coupon like this.  It's got lots of stuff from soap to beauty products to home items!
Check it out


Skywatcher's Guide: Eye-Catching Triple Planet Huddle in Evening Sky

Skywatcher's Guide: Eye-Catching Triple Planet Huddle in Evening Sky

i love the sky! so check it out starting tonight

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Neon Trees - Moving In The Dark Lyrics

i'll share this a million times. cuz it's freaking aamaaazzzinggg.

Godsmack - Cryin' Like A Bitch!!

not a song for the kids!!! AHHAHA! but that guitar, oohhh i loveeeeeee that sound.
and the singer is wayyyyyyyyy sexy. haha sorry, but he is!

Birchbox. Do it, already!!!!!!!!!!

Guys. I've mentioned birchbox to you so many times.. haha I know I have! Because I dig it. Where else can you get high end samples EACH MONTH DELIVERED TO YOUR DOOR for $10!!!!!?!?!? Nowhere. That's where.
So do it.
I'm becoming obsessed with beauty boxes, but this is my favorite, by far.


Here's a great example of something I got in my May box. It's a detangler and protectant. It works... well, even! Too well for my oily hair! But if you have dry hair and tangles and need protection, I'd say GET IT. it smells soft and makes your hair VERY soft!!!! silky soft.

Just one reason I love Birchbox.  And I won't go on and on and on about Make's makeup remover and how soft it makes my skin and easy it comes off! And how I am gonna buy it the second I have some extra money! And how it took off that Too Faced mascara that barely came off when I took a shower..... no I won't mention any of that. haha

Dual Phase Eye Makeup Remover

it really does look like that.. cuz it's a mix of water and oil or something. haha either way, it makes your skin like SILK. and works amazingly. lasts a long time too. don't need much of it to go a long way!

If those two don't win you over.. you're weird! 

Jewel Mint... and how it sucked me in! haha

So the other night at work I was BORED out of my mind, cuz i'm sitting there for 12 hours listening to someone sleep. (can't complain too much, i got paid for that! hahahah) so I was messing on my ipod and signed up for Shoe Dazzle  which I surprisingly loved a lot of shoes.. and i'm not a shoe person!
And then I kept seeing a commercial for Jewel Mint on tv. So I was like "eh, why not?" and signed up for that too! hahah Most of their items are about $30 but some are much more.... I was looking at the affordable pieces, obviously!

Well when you sign up, you get an automatic code as a new customer that when you buy 2 pieces at $29.99, you only pay 29.99!!! Free shipping, bro!!!!!!!! And i fell in love with these rings... Matchmaker from the Gatsby collection.  sorry I can't share a picture! But they adorable and classy. oohhh la laaaaaaaa.

So I got those and Darling Gems as well. pretty excited for those cute dainty stackables too!!!! soo cute.
i'm excited. :)

So if you want to sign up, PLEASE use this link! So I can get points which can get me discounts! BOOM! always a plus!


Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Remix. -- Enter my 8 yr old fangirl.

I used to loveeeeee New Kids on the Block. I am still happy they made a comeback. Jonathan was always my favorite. haha Still is. But Donnie is such a nice guy.....

I need to see them in concert. For real.

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Free anti- wrinkle eye serum!

Stemulance anti aging skin care <-- anti="" better="" eye="" free="" from="" get="" it="" p="" serum="" stemulance="" worth="" wrinkle="">

Friday, May 17, 2013

Win a trip to Sea Island!

Win a Trip to Sea Island from allure

Allure and Daily Candy are giving away a trip to Sea Island for 2!!! I've never even heard of this place.. .but I surely wanna go!!!!!!!
Island... beaches. warmth. Yes please!

You can enter without subscribing to Allure, just read the print above the entry form... and click the link!

Thursday, May 16, 2013

In an I Love You Mood.

Despite the title of this blog, i'm not in an i love you mood. Quite the opposite.  i had a bad dream that I do not want to recap..... put me in a bad mood all day.
Then I go outside to cheer myself up, taking pictures of all the birds flying around. I mean i took a LOT of pictures... not sure, at least 200.  I saw the cutest Sparrows. This crazy beautiful bird that was black with BRIGHT ORANGE spots on his wings and head. So pretty!
Then I go somewhere else, and see more of the orange and black birds. Then I see these gophers (or really fat ground squirrels.. no idea) But there was like a huge family of them. CUTEST things! I wanted to keep them all!!
Got great pictures of them and the birds. I was so happy just chilling outside while it was a beautiful PERFECT 90 degrees.
I was excited about all the great pictures I took. Couldn't wait to go home and upload them.

Now, what you must know.. is my memory card kinda croaked on me a week or so ago and i lost a whole bunch of pictures when i was trying to lightning pictures. THANKFULLY I didn't have too many awesome pictures that I lost. But I was very upset about it. So I ordered a new one... and I was very scared to try the new one in the card reader. Because whatever was wrong with my old memory card, it didn't fit right in the card reader. I was afraid it would mess up my new memory card. I was VERY careful, and finally got too scared and put it back in my camera.
A little too late. All of my pictures were gone. I'm seriously in a grieving period.  :( Angry and sad and mad and sad don't cover it. I've just been utterly heartbroken ever since. Heartbroken really...

Well I went to yahoo and found a picture of the pretty bird I was talking about...
aww see how pretty it is???? :( 

Even writing this is making me sadder.  So onward... the title comes from a song. There was a one hit wonder band back in the 90's called LondonBeat.  Well, they shouldn't have been a one hit wonder.. more like a 2 hit wonder. haha. I love this song. And if I wasn't in such a sad mood today about the stupid dream and the things I'm going through emotionally and spiritually, I would have listened to it.
BUT I am.. and I don't wanna talk about it or think about it. BUT I want you to hear the song. Because it's a great song, and if you're missing someone and want to hear a good love song, listen to it. It always gets to me. Great stuff really.

I hope you love it the way I do. Damnit, now I wanna hear it. Ohhh heart, can you handle it?? 

Get FREE Julep beauty box!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So I seen an ad for a free Julep beauty box... so I went and took a quiz and it gave me the best box for my tastes. Julep sells mostly nail polishes (for the little mani/pedi girls out there)  but some other beauty products as well.
Well if you add whatever box you get to your cart and checkout.. add the code FREEBOX and you can get a FREE beauty box! All you have to do is pay shipping, which was $4.
So i was totally ok with paying $4 for something that would have cost me $25. haha I can do that!!!!

I figured you could too!!!!!!!
It was really too good of a deal to pass up!

I got the Bombshell box.  Should be fun!! that Glitter polish... i'm gonna have to try that!

*Just so you know, once you get your box, if you do not wish to continue getting them, be sure and cancel!!!!! I forgot to add that!!!!!!

Groupon.... do it already.

I signed up for Groupon a while back and have bought some deals from it. Today I just got something I've ALWAYS wanted to do... take a paining class!! Only $17. it was half priced! And it's in Wichita, which is a few hours from me (But everything in Kansas is a few hours from you. hahah) And you can set an appointment to do it whenever I have time to.
I'm really excited!!!!!!!! Find this groupon HERE

Well if you were ever thinkin about signing up for Groupon but unsure if they have anything for you, SIGN UP!!  Do it! And if you sign up under that link, I get benefits. Just like your friends will if they sign under you.  :) 

I am really excited about my painting class. and There's some online photography courses I am eventually gonna get too! 

Tuesday, May 14, 2013


This is a great song and I'm writing this in a HURRRYYY as I gotta go to work in like 10 minutes. haha

I just found this on google + and fell in love, like 10 minutes ago. haha I fall in love fast... So listen to it.
I went and bought the album, when I have proper time to jam to the whole thing, I' write a review for ya

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Parental Advisory Warning!!!! " I love to say...."

hahahahahah me and my friend were talking on twitter and text about how even though we literally cuss all the time (it's a habit i can't break yet), when we cuss, people are like "OMG WHEN DID YOU START CUSSING!!?!" like 16 years ago, man.....  sheesh.
And then she told me about this song. And it made me laugh. OHHH DID IT MAKE ME LAUgH!!!!!!!!

it's a little hard.. but it's awesome. especially if you cuss a lot. hehehehehe LMAO!

Friday, May 10, 2013

Songs (yes, plural) of the day.

It's been one of those days. Ups and down. Mostly up because I'm forcing myself to be up. LIke it helps when i'm in public around a crowd of people to not get sad about things bothering me. I do well then, usually.  Even at home I can keep myself distracted with things and stay cheerful. Which is good... But everyone has their times...

For those sad times, I say.. try a lovely song like "God of Wine" Third Eye Blind.
It was one of those songs I had for a good year or two before I actually listened to it. Why? Eh, I'm not sure.  Maybe it was I had to be in the mood for 90s music...finally I listened to it on accident and was like "WHAT?!?!?! THIS SONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" (Yes I really think with that much punctuation) And today it came on my shuffle and the lyrics just get to my heart. So i'm sharing it.

"Over When It's Over" -- Eric Church
this album was really hitting me the other day. I was enjoying it. He has such a country voice, which I normally can't do, but I really like him. Something about him. i dig it.  And this is a really good song.  Just enjoy it.  and if you like it go look for "stoned" it has a good beat to it.

There was another song hitting me today, called "Heartbreaker" - Hanson.  But I can't share it.. cuz they are punks!!!! it was a special fanclub song let out last year and they make sure it isn't accessible to non fanclub members. PUNKS!!!! Just know it's good... hahah!

"Tell Me Something Good"-- Rufus w/ Chaka Khan

Seriously. if you don't like this song... .get off my blog, bro!!!!!!!!!!!! How can you NOT like it?? Doesn't even make sense to me.
So boogie to it. Let the funk guide you.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Because music makes every show better....

My favorite show is Supernatural. If you don't know this..... you don't read much of my stuff. haha!!!!
Well I'm always trying to get people to watch it. Cuz they NEED to..... and i'm a musical person (as you should know as it's one of the only things I ever talk about...)
And that show has the best songs in it.. mostly classic rock. Because they are smart guys, well Dean is.
So watch it.

It's 10 wonderful reason to watch the show. These are actual real clips from the show. Music is a big part of the show.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Garnier Wonder Waves :)

I have the straightest hair of all time...... People literally ask me all the time if I straighten my hair. haha. NO that's boring and natural......
Well I wanted a flexible hairspray (SO hard to find these days.. wth hairspray companies!?) So I got that Garnier Wonder Waves spritzy spray stuff. haha  I used it a little bit as regular spray and  my curls did hold. Which surprised me! BUT the reason I'm writing this.... is because I followed the instructions on the bottle... I sprayed my damp hair, twisted it up and pinned it down with some bobby pins, and let it air dry for a while.
Finally I got tired of waiting for my hair to dry... for such fine straight hair, it takes a billion years for my hair to completely dry..... so I took it down. It WORKED!
I got these cute beachy like waves going on!
I'd take a picture but I'm getting ready to go to sleep.... and you're not gonna see wthout make up when my face looks this awful. hahahah! I'll try another time!

Ohh... and my memory card to my camera died last night..... SADNESS!!!!!! So i coudn't even if I wanted to! Until my new ones comes along.

So check it out... it works!

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Paper Route : The Peace of Wild Things | Free Music Download

Paper Route : The Peace of Wild Things | Free Music Download

you guys I have posted about Paper Route a few times before... Well some of the songs I've posted came from this album. I love it! Great from start to finish. GO GET IT RIGHTTT NOWWWWWWWWW.

do it. It's free for God's sakes!!!!! You need it. Just do it.

Monday, May 6, 2013

joyful noise

I was watching Joyful Noise (the movie) and it wasn't bad really! Better than I expected. Her and Queen Latifah have so much talent. Both of there songs got to my heart today. Hasn't been a good weekend for me..... but I don't want to talk about that.

so i figured i'd just share the songs I liked the most

"here to the moon" -- Dolly Parton

"Fix me Jesus" -- Queen Latifah
my goodness she sounds greattttttt.

hope you don't cry like i did.... good luck.

Saturday, May 4, 2013

God's timetable.

I'm gonna try to not make this really long. I have too much on my mind, heart, and soul that if you got me started, I'd never shut up.

Let's just say this... not a fan, God. Not a fan of your timetables.  not a fan.

To try and make this short so you don't get my emotional blabber... let's just say I get this beautiful sign this morning that I'm not crazy and the things I believe will come to pass. And I was so happy. Inexplainable happy. Had literally no words to explain how I felt.... and that says something!

And then, later in the day.... fate has to remind me that it is still not time for that to pass.  I'd like to say that all those years I prayed for God to answer me if it was going to happen or not, and then getting an answer (numerous times) would make it easier.
I wish it was easier.  It really isn't.   I know you're thinking, "ooh but I'd love to have an answer... then I could just be living in faith!" Right... exactly. So you know it's coming. So you're waiting and looking every single day. and every day it doesn't happen, a little piece of your heart breaks.  And you don't know how one heart can break that much over something that is GOING TO HAPPEN.  like get over it, heart.
But it doesn't happen. But it's SO close you can feel it. And it's right there, you can literally almost touch it. And nothing happens. Something always keeps you from it.
Just right out of your fingertips.  It's walking towards you, and something keeps it from you.
And you're upset and you're walking back to your car (oh no, this isn't personal at all...) and then it drives past you.. if you walked slower, the truck would have had to stop or slow down to not hit you. THAT CLOSE.  and still nothing.
so you try not to cry, pray God would rip out your heart. So you don't have to feel the hurt since it's stillll not time.  Oh when is it time!?!?!
I'll always wait. It's that important to me.. but damn. someone rip out my heart, please.

Not to be dramatic, but please. rip it out. I'd rather wait without it. Especially if it's gonna be another 15 years..... just put me in a coma. haha for real.

so ya. not a fan, God.  Not a fan at all.  I know it's gonna happen, but really.... don't be such a tease about it.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

FREEE MUSIC!!!!!!!!!!! Hanson.. Do it.. don't make me hurt you.

it's free music for the love of Pete. Just get it.
I WILL NOT tell your friends if you have hanson on your computer.... and i won't tell them if you actually like it

hahaha just do it.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

WoW!!!! Yes to Carrots..... i'm saying.. YES!

I had a coupon I got from amazon local to get $16 worth of product for $8 from www.soap.com and I didn't know what to get.... since there was only a few certain brands I could get.
Well I've been wanting to try the Yes TO... products and after the hair chalking fiasco, my ends have been awffffullllll. so i figured i'd try some leave in conditioner and see how it went.

here is the one i got.  Tried it this morning during my shower. As it says to use it right after your shampoo and not rinse... Well my ends have been AWFULLYY dry, so i used my shampoo and conditioner ad put that on my ends only.
it felt weird, cuz it literally just feels a bit like conditioner/lotion thing.... but i didn't wash it out.
i went to get ready for work and was like WHOAAAAAAA. my hair was sooooooooo soft. my ends actually feel like my hair again!!! 
i just... i can't even explain it!!!!

i was just amazed. so i had to tell the whole world. You know how I do.

Monday, April 22, 2013

Giant Flowers..... this would be a fun craft!

I found out today next month that I'm gonna be moving to my own place! THANK GOD! I've been wanting to live alone... since I got roommates. hhaha
Well I was on pinterest looking around at DIY and stumbled on this site Save On Crafts and stumbled upon this craft.  Making giant flowers.
Think I"m gonna have to do it!!! Looks pretty easy... it's just getting the right paper and/or fabric. Otherwise It looked pretty simple.

I really am a bit excited about decorating and things. haha I would have never said that before pinterest... ever!!!

happy day!!!!! "Fired Up" spot on tv!!!!!

Aww me so proud of my boys!!!! :)

Isaac LOVES Oklahoma Thunder. it's his favorite team! haha

i'm too proud of them. He must be so happy

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Sometimes I like to get kicked in the face.

if you've read any of my stuff or know me personally, you know that I love music. And one of my favorite bands (thankfully they didn't break up too!!!) is Hanson.  Well I posted their new single and video a few weeks ago.  Well there is another song out now, that will actually be playing on the NBA and NHL Finals!!! wooo!! go hanson go!!!  :) Very exciting for them. I"m like a proud mama or something!!!!! :)

But the point is.. I wanted to write a review about this song. Hanson has always had the possibility to rock n roll... I've seen them quite a few times live and they put on a great show.
So I'm gonna post this song.. and I want you to listen to it BEFORE you read on.... Because I'm going to give you the first real thoughts I had about it. And I want it to be fresh in your mind!!!!
Or you can read and listen at the same time. Don't let me twist your arm!
http://podcast.965thebuzz.com/krbz2/3957959.mp3  so open this in a new tab, please....


Ok good intro. I dig the guitar and the beat. I'm a SUCKER for a driving beat.  Then Zac comes in.... (ps. Zac is my perfect man... so I might be a little biased usually.. but not this time!!!!) And I'm kicked straight in the teeth!!!
HOLY SHIT! I knew he could rock but damnnnnnnnnn, Zac.  I have a moment where my face gets very flushed and another moment where I think about biting his lip... and then I'm back to listening....
Ooh still good!
Interesting little chorus there. Slows a bit.. but that's a good thing.
Because Zac and Taylor come back in, and WHAM! Knocked out another tooth!!!!!!!!
I always knew Zac had that roar... didn't know Taylor could do it. Impressed me a bit.

Chorus bit again... and then some guitar. Ooohh hello! And that beat. MY GOD! I loveeeeeeee driving beats. Good thing I wanna marry that drummer..... I mean...
Enjoying the break from Zac's kick ass voice. Mellow out a tiny bit for that chorus.

Hi. My Name is Isaac, I felt like you were getting to quiet. So I'm gonna kick you in the throat with my voice.  EnjoyyyyY!!!!!!!!  Oh and be sure I giggled when I heard that Queen refernce.  Guys, Queen is one of my favorite bands.. grew up on them. You can't make a reference to "We Will Rock You".  ....
"blood on your hands, mud on your face" i hearrrr you, hanson. i know.

Well thanks, guys, I can't breathe now and I look like i just got out of the battle ring. Appreciate it.
It is great to hear a great rock ....well not to sound all pun-like... but anthem. hahah!

Well spotted, as that is their album title "Anthem" due out June 18. So I suggest you mark your calendars and buy it. Can you really resist now?
hahahaha no. no you can't.
look at Zac's cute face (left side) and tell him you won't buy it. Awww you'd break his heart.

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Silver Spring------- song of the day.

You guys. I'd like to say I did a whole bunch of productive things on my day off. But I'd be a big fat liar.
I did nothing except for jam to Fleetwood Mac (STILL!) and watch some Criminal Minds.
Yep. I'm that exciting.......

But really. I'm fangirling like a 12 year old at a Bieber concert!!! LIke...... uh!!! My heart! I love it. I LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEE ITTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i'm dying with love. haha!

Just listen to it. And I don't know if Fleetwood Mac are magicians or TimeLords or what.... but they have these songs that are long, and feel like  2 1/2 minutes. It blows my mindddd!
Now that's talented.

Oh I love that line, "You will never get away from the sound of the woman that loves you"
damn. powerful!

So watch that.

And then when you fall in love with it, like the rest of us.... .Follow these links to go buy it. Cuz that album is fantastic.  LIke.... one of the greatest live albums I've ever heard.

THE DANCE album only $10 and you get the MP3 download with it. :)

THE DANCE dvd  -- $20. i need this. like... I NEEEEDDDDDD THISSSSSS.

don't be stupid. trust me. i promiseeeeeeeeeeee.

Fleetwood Mac... you talented bastards.

These guys...... these GUYS!!!! ugh. I love them. A LOT.
I just fell in love with this song last night. I think I listened to it like 10 times when I snuck out to my car to see if I could see some meteors in the meteor shower... ( I never saw any.)
LOVE LOVE LOVEEE IT. Those talented bastards.

Song of the day, man!!! SONG OF THE DAAAYY!!
Excuse me, i must get ready to repeat it....

Nexxus Youth Renewal Hair Serum--- review

hey guys!

I just got off work, but I had to make sure you knew about this product.  I got it in this month's birchbox which was about making small changes that pay off big.  I got this Nexxus Youth Renewal Hair Serum.  And it couldn't have come at a better time, really!!!
I don't know if you read it or not, but my entry about the hair chalking horror.........
Well my ends broke and split SO bad. it was all I could see. I would just spent all of my free time, it seemed, trying to get rid of those split ends. And I worked enough overtime I never could make it to the salon to get a trim! It was DRIVING ME BoNKERSSSSS!!!!!  You have NO idea.... it was about all I could talk about. haha Hair shouldn't be that important to anyone.... ever.
So I figured I had nothing to lose to give it a shot.  I've been using it for a few days. And tonight while I was at work (worked night shift and was bored out of my mind.. everyone was asleep......) so I was deciding to mess with those damned split ends again. And then I realized something.... My hair was LITERALLY so shiny in places, it looked like it had tiny sparkles on it. WHAT!?!? What would make my hair that sparkly and shiny???? Without looking greasy?
And then I realized, I didn't have as many split ends either!!!! And the ones I did have were VERY small, unlike some of the ones I had seen earlier this week and last week!!!!! Like... WHAT?!?!?!
HOw on God's green earth does that even work!?!?

I have shiny hair... so shiny it literally looks like it has sparkles in it, when you look at it up close.
My split ends are DRAMATICALLY less.... in a few days!?!?! That's crayyyy crazy!!!!
I've never had work on my hair that fast......or work at all! AHAHHAHAHAHAA

So... find it. Use it. Dude, I'm telling ya.. WORKSSSSS!

ooh that's a pretty picture. enjoy it. cuz it's what your hair is gonna look like... shinyyy!

Friday, April 19, 2013

The Cure - Just Like Heaven SONG OF THE DAY!!!

i love this song.  I have loved it since the first time I heard it.  Amazing stuff. And today I"m just having ones of those days where I'm walking around in some happy love bubble. :)
This song came on my shuffle and I just had to share it with everyone. Because it's just how i Feel!!!! :D :D :D :D

Sorry it's been forever since i've done a song of the day. been busy with work and such! I'll try harder

Thursday, April 18, 2013

little drops — Why Dove's "Real Beauty Sketches" Video Makes Me Uncomfortable... and Kind of Makes Me Angry

little drops — Why Dove's "Real Beauty Sketches" Video Makes Me Uncomfortable... and Kind of Makes Me Angry

i was hesitant to read this... but i am SOOOOOOO glad I did. This girl brings up the most amazing valid points about our society and the gooey feelings we get when someone says we are beautiful.

I've struggled with my self confidence issues my whole life, a lot of them stemming from my looks and weight.  We really have to stop thinking outside alone.. I am one of the worst about it. I'm so shallow when it comes to myself.

Just read it. It's great! I promise!!!!

Saturday, April 13, 2013

The light behind your eyes

I woke up and I was still in the mood for My Chemical Romance...
well I finally listened to a song that I hadn't listened to since they broke up. Because it is one of the most beautiful songs I've ever heard..... and I've heard a LOT of beautiful songs.
It's one of those that you would never expect a band like them to write and play. but it works. And it's so touching to my heart and soul.  Especially if you've lost someone important to you.
And you would do anything to bring them back... just one more time.
One of my favorite lines in it, is in the chorus
"If I could be with you tonight, I would sing you to sleep, never let them take the light behind your eyes."

Makes me think of a few people.. My dad, my nephews, and my cat.  :(

so powerful.

So give it a listen. It's amazing, I promise!!!

Friday, April 12, 2013

Ghost of you

This is one of my favorite My Chemical Romance songs.. it's sooooo passionate. I think really anyone can relate to it, if you really listen...

And I LOVE the video. it tells a great story. especially at the end, when Mikey "dies" and you see the pain on Gerard's face... they are brothers in real life, you know! (or maybe you didn't)

it's just great overall.  ALWAYS hits a chord in my heart and soul. especially if you've lost someone, through life's trials or through death.... it hits home.

Funny thing about songs and the way they break your heart

So I know I wrote a blog about My Chemical Romance breaking up a few weeks ago... It still hasn't really hit me yet. I still love their music just the same.
But tonight I was just feeling stupid emotional. Wanting to distract myself so I don't cry over something stupid....
so I went to my itunes and shuffled up my music.. and when my heart is breaking over a certain topic... about 80% of the music in my library (i have over 7000 songs) I can't listen to, because it brings up memories or whatever.
But this song came on.......

which is one of their newer songs.. (well not really newer, recorded years ago, but released right before the break up) and it was one of my favorites out of the newly released songs. Because it's fun and upbeat and you just want to dance. And it really encompasses what MCR was to me. A great band that you can turn on and tune the whole world out. You can just rock and roll, and dance and forget the world. The last time I seen them in concert 4-9-11, was on Gerard's bday (the lead singer) and I went stark raving crazy at that show. I was dancing so hard. I literally have never felt that free.
I'm always stuck in my own head. Always, i almost never get a break from it.  LIke I am not getting a break right now.
And this song just gets me more than the others that they are done.... just breaks my heart.

so listen and enjoy. and drown the world out. because that's what music is for sometimes, not to make you think... but to make it so you don't think.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Longer Lashes... "Too Faced Better Than False Lashes" Review

I am ALWAYS looking for a good mascara. Looking for something affordable but does the job.  I have plenty of lashes (except for recently, i've been losing a few.....which is sad) but they are very straight and not that long.  So  need something to give them length, since their volume is still ok.

So I decided to try Too Faced (probably my favorite beauty products) Better than False lashes.  Which I bought at Sephora  .  It was very expensive but I read some great reviews on it.. so i thought I'd give it a try. They've never let me down before right?

Well I received it in the mail today. Took my shower couldn't wait to try it, cuz I ended up buying this other beauty kit, so I wanted to try it alll!!!! I was very excited.
The eyeshadow/blush/bronzer kit I got, was great.  :) Sweet Indulgence check it out here

The mascara... said to put the regular tube on.. and then use the nylon fiber extenders, and then another coat of the regular mascara. easy enough.
The masacara on the first coat didn't do a damn thing. haha. Not to be used alone!! Sooo I go to the fiber tube.  Expecting a white liquid, as I've seen other companies use.
Um... no.  I WISH IT WAS LIQUID!!!!!! It was literally fibers.  LIke little pieces of nylon, I guess... looked like cotton.  You brush this on your lashes. I'm expecting it to just fall off all over my face. Didn't see it fall....
put on the next coat of mascara, definitely see a difference.  My lashes are longer.  Definitely longer.
But................................... at what cost? I've been walking around like I feel like I have fuzzies in my eyes. BECAUSE I DO! I ended up putting like 3 coats of mascara on there to make sure I didn't have little fibers falling into my eyes.  VERY ANNOYING! and now my lashes are all kind of heavy and feel like they are sticking to my bottom lashes a bit in the corners.

So after my first use, I'm not in love..... sadly, not in love.
I'll give it a few more shots, don't wanna waste my money! It wasn't cheap, you know!!!!! maybe I'll find a way to keep the fibers out of my eyes..

if anyone has tried it, let me know what you think!!!!! I'm curious.......

but on a happier note.. this is my Too faced collection now. ooh! plus a lip gloss I forgot to put in the picture. haha! oops.
And I really do love all the stuff. The eyebrow kit surprised me the most after I tried it at my sister's house. It's a great product. The bronzer is love. I get compliments when I wear it.

Time to get rid of cellulite!

It's hereditary I read... I believe it.  Cellulite. I hate it. Ooh God, can you please make my legs and bumpy! Nah, I don't want them to be beautiful and smooth like the ones I see on normal girls!!! Make them bumpy and disgusting!!!

Ya right.. .said NO ONE EVER!!!!!!!!!!!! So I've tried a few things before to smooth the bumps. Haven't we all????? #rollseyes

So I got this NIvea stuff to try.  I read some reviews on.. where else? Amazon... and people said good things about it. So it's worth a shot.

Tried it once last night and put it on after my shower today.  It's VERY soft and easy to apply.  Made my legs feel very soft.  So far no miracles... haha I still have cellulite.
BUT i'm hopeful.  And if it works... you'll know!!!

FAST --- grow your hair... faster! (well let's hope!)

hey! A few years ago my hair went from growing like.... an inch every 1,000,000 years to an  inch in a few months! haha I don't know why.. but it started to grow faster.
WELLL, being a girl... you know we can never have too much of a good thing.  Soooo I read a tonnnn of reviews on it, and found this FAST shampoo and conditioner on amazon  and since i"m a Prime member (had to.. i'm an amazon addict...) It came yesterday!
Of course, right after I took a shower. haha!
But I used it today.. and obviously my hair hasn't grown yet (that'd be tooo weird!) But I will give you some thoughts about it's first use.
First, my hair likes change, i can't use the same shampoo and conditioner all the time. I have to change it up about once or twice a week.  Just keep that in your mind.

Shampoo, smelled really clean. Not very scented, I appreciate that.  It totally made my hair feel VERY clean, completely stripped my hair of it's natural oils. (good!) and felt thicker (very good!)  It did feel a bit dry.. but hey that's what conditioner is for!

Conditioner... kept it on the 1-2 minutes like it says. I usually don't do that... because i have such naturally soft hair, it just makes it extra oily if i keep my conditioner on too long.  But I did, cuz it told me to. And I want it to work.  Made my hair soft and manageable.  Didn't feel too soft either! Well not yet, it's still wet as I'm typing this. haha!

I am excited to try this out. If it works, I will shout it out from every mountain!!!!!

this is the box it comes in, the bottles are pretty big! You get both the shampoo and conditioner together for that price I posted from amazon.  Pretty decent really... if it works!!!!!

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

New Music from Hanson. "Get The Girl Back"

Get More: 
Hanson, Top 20 Countdown

Hanson has always been one of my favorite bands. Check out their new single here!!! And be sure to order it on itunes 4-9-13
The full album, Anthem, comes out on 6-18!!!! be sure and get it.

Monday, April 1, 2013

Hair Chalking... the horror!


I'm like exhausted and my brain isn't working... but my body won't let me go to sleep... i've been up almost 27 hours straight.. making me feel all kinds of yuck. zzzzz
so i figure if I'm gonna be up, I might as well do something productive.  And I've been meaning to write this blog for days.. but with work and overtime, it didn't get done.....

Ok, well my sister posted on twitter an online coupon for hair chalk for like $15 shipped.  And I've been wanting to try it foreverrrr since I saw Kandee Johnson do it. It looked so cute on her dark hair, so I knew it would work on mine.

So I waited... it shipped from China, was originally supposed to be like $80 (thank God for coupons....) I got it like a week something later. So as soon as I could, I had to try it! The first night, I didn't really get my hair wet enough... the color was barely visible. And it made my hair feel weird... like a bad dry shampoo. But it was tolerable, I guess, since I only did like 2 streaks.

Well that weekend, I was gonna have a girls night with some of my friends, so I was getting all cute and stuff, and knew I was gonna do the chalk in my hair to make it all fun! I had re-watched Kandee's video to make sure I did it right. Made sure it was wet... used the white chalk first so the other colors showed up.  Blow dried my hair. Should've been amazing. Cuz I did everything I could to keep my hair straight as possible so it wouldn't rat up.

Um.................. ew. My hair was the most disgusting thing I've ever felt. It DID rat up. I couldn't even brush through it!!!!! It felt sticky... but dry. I can't even explain it. It was a nightmare.  And trying to get it to smooth out a bit, I ended up pulling most of the color out. But i couldn't even run my fingers or anything else through my hair!
I had done a few streaks and the ends....

Well the next morning, I go wash my hair. Washed it twice. Conditioned it twice. could BARELY feel a difference. My hair was dry and sticky feeling.  The ends were a mess. I couldn't stand it. I could barely run my fingers through my hair all day. It was GROSS.

Next day, I wash and condition my hair again.. leaving the conditioner on longer than I normaly do ( i have naturally oily hair.. i don't keep it on long, it makes my hair too oily).  And my ends are STILL dry. Like gonna have to go make a hair appointment and get a trim bad.
It completely damaged my ends. I have so many split ends now.. I had a few before.. but it made it awful.

So my overall opinion..... DO NOT DO IT!!!!!!!! Don't be tempted by this colorful easy fix. Unless you like disgusting feeling hair.  I personally like my naturally soft, manageable hair.
I don't know about you.........

unless you have dreads... then you might not notice....

see Kandee.. turned out lovely. mine was awful.
don't be tempted!!!