Thursday, May 23, 2013

Jewel Mint... and how it sucked me in! haha

So the other night at work I was BORED out of my mind, cuz i'm sitting there for 12 hours listening to someone sleep. (can't complain too much, i got paid for that! hahahah) so I was messing on my ipod and signed up for Shoe Dazzle  which I surprisingly loved a lot of shoes.. and i'm not a shoe person!
And then I kept seeing a commercial for Jewel Mint on tv. So I was like "eh, why not?" and signed up for that too! hahah Most of their items are about $30 but some are much more.... I was looking at the affordable pieces, obviously!

Well when you sign up, you get an automatic code as a new customer that when you buy 2 pieces at $29.99, you only pay 29.99!!! Free shipping, bro!!!!!!!! And i fell in love with these rings... Matchmaker from the Gatsby collection.  sorry I can't share a picture! But they adorable and classy. oohhh la laaaaaaaa.

So I got those and Darling Gems as well. pretty excited for those cute dainty stackables too!!!! soo cute.
i'm excited. :)

So if you want to sign up, PLEASE use this link! So I can get points which can get me discounts! BOOM! always a plus!


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