Sunday, July 28, 2013

Slim fast shakes! Review

Hey! I happen to get a slim fast shake from influenster the other day. I had tried slim fast before and liked it! I was sent the strawberries and cream.
Didn't know what to expect since I don't always like the fake strawberry flavor, but love real strawberries. But it was good! Smooth and creamy. In it I received some cocktail recipe cards too. You know it is summer and girls just wanna have fun while they get skinnier!! :) good thinking slimfast!
I was pleasantly surprised at how filling it was, at only 180 calories. I didn't eat for about 3 hours. Which is realllyyy saying something for me! I can almost never get full! Ever! (Doesn't help with weight loss, I will tell ya that!)
So be sure and check them out online. There are tons of new flavors!

"This post was created in connection with my appointment as a SlimFast Ambassador."

Friday, July 26, 2013

35 children does this happen??

In this past article from 2008, you will read about a law that the state of Nebraska passed for newborn babies, but didn't put an age limit on it. So 35 kids were left at hospitals...none of them infants.
This infuriates me!! I only heard of it because of the book series I'm reading, "unwind".  Its a book set in the future where parents can sign to have their child, until they are legally an adult,  "unwound" and their parts sold like organ donation...... it is truly a disturbing thought. In this book there are no more abortions, which started the whole idea....
When did the human race begin to devalue life so much, they don't care how old their child is? What has happened to us? Is there any saving this race? Before we sell ourselves and our families for money?
Where is our conscience, world??

Oh and I think everyone should read this book series. He posts facts and articles that shows that we just might be headed to harvesting troubled teens for money.......awful. amazing books.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Song of the day. Bell bottom blues

What an amazing song. I just keep rewinding it. Hope you love it too

Win a year of netflix!

Over at tanga you can win a free year of netflix (which I can't live without!) And an 8 foot bean bag chair! Swweettt!!

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Good luccckk :)

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Elves are pretty.

I blogged the other night about the site Choies. Well I went window shopping after that. And really enjoyed almost all of the brand Elf Sack It has some really pretty pieces, tops, bottoms, skirts. And most of it is pretty affordable really. Saw some great stuff I am going to have to break down and buy.
I love fashion, always bad about buying clothes! Haha I did buy myself a bright pink pair of pants from JCPenney that I love. Ooh comfy.
Anyway, take a look and I hope you love it!!

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Oh my! Eyeko eyeliner

So in my birchbox this month I got a full size Eyeko skinny eyeliner. Now its hard to find a smudge free liquid eyeliner. That said, as much as I love the effects of liquid eyeliner, I don't buy it. Because it is tooooo easy to mess up! Too easy to get too much and glops. Have eyeliner everywhere! Eww. No thanks! But I figured I would try this. As soon as I opened it, I could see it was different. You don't dip it. It has a soft point and looks like an elongated pencil. The eyeliner comes through this soft but firm spongy end. Goes on smooth and haven't made a mess yet!! Now that's saying something! If you wanna buy some head on over to birchbox and check it out!

Monday, July 15, 2013

Mirenesse lipstick pencil

I have never been a big lipstick fan. I usually stick to chapsticks of all sorts or sometimes a sparkly lipgloss. But I got this Mirenesse lipstick pencil (is it lipstick?? I think so!) Glossy Kiss in #14 Perfect Kiss. Its a soft pretty pink.  And it goes on really smooth and soft, not too moist or sticky. I've really quite fallen for it. I think its a color that could look good on anyone! For realll!! They run about $26 but you just might love it!


Choies-The latest street fashiont

Sign up and get $15 worth of credits!! Wahooooooo!!! Fashion. Who else is singing David Bowie?! Haha :)

Win a trip to yellowstone!

Thanks national geographic traveler magazine! Hehe

You could win a trip for 2 to yellowstone and grand teton national parks!
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Win a trip to japan!

Japan. A crazzzyy world of its own. Its amazing to me how you never wanna go somewhere until you can go for freee!
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Cut and blow

If you are like me, you have fallen in love with some product that's a bit out of your budget. Dang free samples!! Haha! But here if you sign up for cut and blow. You can find good deals on all kind of beauty products. Which is never a bad thing! Thinking about getting that fatgirl slim set from bliss on payday :)
Take a look around! And if you get friends to sign up you get a $5 credit!! Woo!

Friday, July 12, 2013

Free granola bars!

Free box of chewy granola bars! Quaker oats chewy dipped bars! Today only! From dillons, but can be redeemed within 2 weeks.
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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Scream and be free

One of my favorites off hanson's new album anthem. Also where they got the title from. Love the lyrics especially. And Zac's voice is amazing! :)

Crooked smile featuring tlc

Man I heard the last 10 seconds of this song on the radio and came straight back to my hotel and looked it up! Powerful lyrics, man! Especially if you struggle with insecurities. Hey, don't we all?!
This is a rap/r&b song but I suggest even if you don't like rap, give it a shot. Listen to the words.
And that gospel influenced ending, oooh child! Lovely.
I have never heard of j cole before, but I will be looking him up! Refreshing!!!!!!!!!

Honda Civic Tour

Honda Civic Tour
Go here and enter on facebook for a chance to win a customized  Maroon 5 Honda Civic!!!!! And a motorcycle. and a trip to HOllywood!!!!!!!!!!
I've been to Hollywood... trust me, you wanna go!

Monday, July 1, 2013


Jasmine told me about this one too. Not a fan of techno dance music, but that girl has a beautiful voice. Overall good song. Very catchy

I hate my job.

Well we all do sometimes.  This video cracks me up tho. I can't dance in heels! These men be showing me up! Hhahaah!
Met a cool girl at jc penneys in wichita, Jasmine, and she told me about it. So I had to look it up and share!