Thursday, April 4, 2013

FAST --- grow your hair... faster! (well let's hope!)

hey! A few years ago my hair went from growing like.... an inch every 1,000,000 years to an  inch in a few months! haha I don't know why.. but it started to grow faster.
WELLL, being a girl... you know we can never have too much of a good thing.  Soooo I read a tonnnn of reviews on it, and found this FAST shampoo and conditioner on amazon  and since i"m a Prime member (had to.. i'm an amazon addict...) It came yesterday!
Of course, right after I took a shower. haha!
But I used it today.. and obviously my hair hasn't grown yet (that'd be tooo weird!) But I will give you some thoughts about it's first use.
First, my hair likes change, i can't use the same shampoo and conditioner all the time. I have to change it up about once or twice a week.  Just keep that in your mind.

Shampoo, smelled really clean. Not very scented, I appreciate that.  It totally made my hair feel VERY clean, completely stripped my hair of it's natural oils. (good!) and felt thicker (very good!)  It did feel a bit dry.. but hey that's what conditioner is for!

Conditioner... kept it on the 1-2 minutes like it says. I usually don't do that... because i have such naturally soft hair, it just makes it extra oily if i keep my conditioner on too long.  But I did, cuz it told me to. And I want it to work.  Made my hair soft and manageable.  Didn't feel too soft either! Well not yet, it's still wet as I'm typing this. haha!

I am excited to try this out. If it works, I will shout it out from every mountain!!!!!

this is the box it comes in, the bottles are pretty big! You get both the shampoo and conditioner together for that price I posted from amazon.  Pretty decent really... if it works!!!!!


  1. Hey! Good luck with that shampoo, girl! :D I totally get your enthusiasm for this new hair stuff. :)

  2. it seems to be working so far..... my hair is getting quite long!