Sunday, March 31, 2013

Lavera Mineral Eyeshadow


I know a week or so ago I wrote about how I got my True Natural beauty box and was so disappointed in the size of things....

Well on further examination, I came to love one of the products in it... Lavera Mineral Eyeshadow.

I got a eyeshadow due, called Caramel Coffee.  It was a mix of a soft pink and a brown color. I had just recently bought some eyeshadow duo that was pink/silver and was sooo disappointed. I look good in pastel colors, but that one didn't even barely show up! i was sad.... very very sad.

But this Lavera was great. The color is accurate to what it shows. It stays (with or without an eyeshadow primer, but I use one just incase...).  I was impressed.  I really like the color, it's soft and pretty, but does the job.

SO give the brand a checking out, if you can!!

Buy it here! Lavera Eyeshadow 

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Music You Need to hear!! Like NEEEED to hear.

You know me.. I'm always up for new music. Like always!!! So therefore, I can find it in a snowstorm if I had to!

So I figured I'd share some great jams that I can't get enough of lately.....

1st up! "Madness" - Muse.
Was never a fan of them....but this song is great. And it's one of those that gets better with every listen. So if you kinda like it the first time, rewind it and try it again! You'll see what I mean!!!

#2.  "Feel Again"-- OneRepublic

Ooh I love OneRepublic. They are so talented.  Ryan Tedder is a wonderful songwriter. Seriously one today I suggest you yahoo (or google) him and you'll see he's written some of the songs you've been jamming to for a long time. Really, he's a genius. And I seem to have a thing for bands from Oklahoma...... so ya. Either way, this is a GREAT jam. Makes me wanna dance.  And there's nothing better than a love that changes you for the better.

#3 "Bartholomew"-- The Silent Comedy

My friend, Laree, had this song because she saw it on a movie.  She played it for me once a while back and I was like 'HOLY CoW!!!" Because one thing you should know about me... drums are my favorite instrument. I'm a complete sucker for a song with some banging drums. You don't even know.  And this one has them. It has soul, it has this great southern bayou feel to it. Just listen to it, already!!!

#4 "Fishermen's Horizon"-- Nobuo Uematsu (performed by the Distant World Philharmonic)

Gonna slow it down and give you something beautiful to enjoy. Last week I had the great pleasure of seeing Distant Worlds in person, in Omaha, Nebraska. Beautiful. I've always wanted to see a symphony live.  And this song was one of the one's I didn't really know.. .and fell in love with it.  That man writes a song that doesn't even need words, and tells an amazing story. This one has a few "ooh's" and "aah's" but that's about it. The atmosphere is felt tho.

#5 "Counting Stars"- OneRepublic (yes again)

Would I put the same band on here twice, if it wasn't important??? No. I wouldn't! It's important.  Given the fact, I'm siting here yesterday listening to their new album, Native, and I'm exhausted. Didn't sleep well, so I kick back and lay my head down on the pillow to relax.  Then the song gets going, and I just jump up.  My feet wouldn't stay still.  There was another song on that album that I literally stopped playing that stupid Candy Crush game, threw my ipod in the air, with joy.  "Preacher" I won't post it.. but look it up. Hell, just go to itunes and buy it. Or walmart. Or wherever the hell you want to buy it! haha Just go buy it!!
Seriously great stuff.. Just do it!!!!

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Shinedown/Three Days Grace/ POD concert review, pics, and video.

I went to go see POD, Three Days Grace, and Shinedown on 3-23-13. I've been meaning to get my pics and videos online.. but I finally had a day off to do it!!!
First off... if you ever get a chance to see any of the above mentioned bands, GO!!!!!!!
I had waited years and years to see Three Days Grace, and then right after I buy this ticket, the lead singer leaves the band... So I was heartbroken.  I didn't know how they were going to cope without Adam. He has such a distinctive voice. So heading to the show, I wasn't that excited..... I know that sounds awful... but you never know how bands are going to be when they replace a member...
I had already seen POD once at Uproar festival last August.  They are great! Not for everyone.... I know.. but great! Especially when they sing "Youth Of The Nation." I get goosebumps everytime.  They are a Christian rock/punk band. So they have great messages to their songs if you're listening. Worth a see!

Three Days Grace came on... and right away, the new lead singer (Matt from My Darkest Days) BLEW ME AWAY!!!! He's this little tiny guy. But he is kick ass.  He went out there and gave a 1000%! I mean he's a maniac on stage, in the best way!!! He kept doing these swirly jumps all over. I thought he was gonna fall down and break a leg. hahaha!!! He didn't... he was awesome tho. And he had great chemistry with the band (he's brothers with one of the members) and you could just feel it. The crowd was going nuts. It was amazing. They were so grateful for his help and he was so humbled when they mentioned it on stage. It was adorable!! i wanted to pinch his crazy little cheeks.
Overall amazing band. Go see them. Seriously!!!!!!!

Shinedown.  This was my 3rd time seeing them. The last time I seen them was at Uproar Festival as well.  They BLEW me away that night. It was an outside show, which I love and they let out such a love-filled atmosphere with their music. I had chills that show. It's one of those times that you just feel like you belong somewhere. And it's perfect and you wouldn't change a thing about it.
In Wichita, they did it again.  All the power in their music blows through. The crowd loved it, I loved it. It was amazing.  I had chills. They almost had me in tears when "Bully" came on... not a song to cry to... but they had a video playing in the background about a girl that was bullied... and at the end, she committed suicide. It was powerful. And that was the last song they played! Talk about ending the show on a .. POWERFUL note.
Brent always makes you say hi and high five the people you're standing next to. He constantly says "Be Good to each other!" They are just so full of love. You can just feel it in the air. It amazes me, really.  As cheesy as it sounds, I just walk away from the experience, feeling purely magical.  It's one of those things that's so hard to explain, unless you're there. So you better go!!!!!!! Please go.  I'm telling you, it's more than music. It's like spiritual.
I think their show can be summed up by their very own lyrics:

"Put your hands in the air 
If you hear me out there 
I've been looking for you day and night 
Shine a light in the dark 
Let me see where you are 
'Cause I'm not gonna leave you behind 

If I told you that you're not alone 
And I show you this is where you belong 
Put your hands in the air 
One more time "

I couldn't have said it better than myself..... perfect.
But the reason I am making this blog, is to review the show. AMAZING.. and post some pics and a video.
Now the video is of Shinedown's "The Crow and the Butterfly".  Which is a song that is very dear to my family. As my older sister has had 2 stillborn births.  It's just one of those songs that you listen to and it's about the death of a child, and it just hits home.  So when they started to play it, I got my camera out and took a video and prayed my battery wouldn't die in the middle. It didn't! but I wanted to get it on video for my sister and her husband. And for my nephews in heaven, Peyton and Jaxson.  I hope you enjoy the song as much as we do.  

Ok pictures and video!!! 

Brent said he wanted to see the stars... So we became stars.

pyrotechnics on Three Days Grace. you could feel that heat!

beautiful shot of Shinedown

POD. don't know why it's so dark! haha 

crowd going crazy for Three Days Grace

drum solo, Three Days Grace. AMAZINGGG.

BEAUTIFUL!!! good stuff. Shinedown

All You Need to Know About the “Oil Cleansing Method” - Julep Blog - Julep Beauty Buzz

All You Need to Know About the “Oil Cleansing Method” - Julep Blog - Julep Beauty

 I've heard of this another time..... and have read nothing but RAVE reviews on people who clean their face like this.  I have oily skin and the idea of using more oil on my skin... freaks me out.
But I am sick of being oily everyday and getting so many hormonal breakouts... for sure!
So i might have to just try it and see how it goes.....
it's not like i've never had pimples before... (only every month for a good week...) so if it doesn't work and breaks me out, I'll just stop. haha!

ps... Julep Maven has a great beauty blog. I've been just sitting here scrolling through it for a bit. haha Had to share the wisdom.

As 'ole God said.. "in all your getting, get understanding"

ahha might not be what he meant.. but you know.

miracle under eye fix???????

I don't know about you... and I'm sure I've said it before, but i have HORRIBLE under eye bags and circles. it's a mix between genes and being tired all of the time.... I've tried like every cream and concealer I can think of. They don't go away.....
this video i think might be the answer.. I'm gonna try to do it when i get my make up on today or tomorrow. If it works, BE SURE I WILL SHOUT IT FROM THE MOUNTAINTOPS!!! (not sure where I'll find a mountain...... I do live in Kansas...roadtrip i guess!) expect before and after pics if it works!!!

Oohhh I hope it works for me as well as it did for her (not that she had much to cover... but you know.. just watch it!)

Kandee is such a talented woman!!! I wish I had all of her skills and all the make up that she has. My God, I bet it takes up a whole room. Ooohhh swoon. And she seems like she's as sweet as her name. Seriously. Heart of gold!

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Fall Out Boy... .when did you get so good?

I had heard a little while back Fall Out Boy got back together. .. I didn't really care. I had liked 2 of their songs, I figured I'd check it out but didn't expect this.....
It's awesome.
LIke FREAKING AWESOMEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
When did they get so catchy? So drum backed? So awesome? haha I don't know. Maybe they just need a few years break....... (hope My Chemical Romance will take a page from this book.....)

Soooooo here's a link to buy it from Itunes.
At LEAST preview it....
what what? you want a video?

fine fine.. here ya go. "My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark"

just sit back and dig it.... haha ya right. you're not gonna want to sit.

From fat to fuel: Genetically modified bacteria could convert waste into energy | MNN - Mother Nature Network

From fat to fuel: Genetically modified bacteria could convert waste into energy | MNN - Mother Nature Network

 YOU GUYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't tell you how excited I am to read this!!! 6 or 7 years ago, I read a prophecy from Kim Clement and it said that there was going to be a new energy source that came from the ground... one that would never end, and come from waste.  I couldn't figure out what on earth it could be.. but i've been waiting and waiting! As this world is too dependent on oil and gas prices are killing us all slowly.... So I know we need something new.  This is it. I'd keep an eye on it. It's going to be huge. It was prophesied!!!!!

i can't wait!

Sunday, March 24, 2013

love true natural... my first box

So I swallowed my better judgment and got a monthly subscription to Love True Natural beauty box. I was sooo excited because I thought I had ordered it in time to get the anti-cellulite cream that was coming in the box.

Well I got my box when I was out of town. Came home, SO EXCITED to open it.............

and disappointment filled me. I paid for the Vegan Box and was hoping it would full of amazing full size products as it says...
It wasn't. I had a bar of soap, some eyeshadow and a eyebrow pencil (full sized, that was true) and a few little tan samples that didn't even cover my legs...
For $30 I wasn't impressed. Hope it gets better or I'll have to cancel.

I will say my birchbox is only $10 and I get samples but I know they are samples and I've loved all the products so far. And it's only 1/3 of the price. Yes, it might not be as all natural as the Natural box... but I feel it has a bit less false advertisement.
Maybe next month will be better.....

Saturday, March 23, 2013

The killjoys are dead....

Today came to me with some very sad news. Heartbreaking even. One of my all time favorite bands, my chemical romance, called it quits. The end. The black parade is dead. :(
It hasn't hit me yet. My best friend cried. I havet yet. It just doesn't feel like it is over for them yet. I'm praying they come to ther senses and get back together after a break.
Go spend time with your families and try other stuff. But come back to me boys. I had enough trouble dealing when you lost your drummer a few years ago.
The killjoys shouldn't die.

They are my blog name for Pete's sakes!!!!!
Come back to me!!!!

RIP MCR. 2001-2013

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Too Much Time on My Hands-- Styx.

Might be a theme song to my whole life. haha!!! I know I work a lot.. but when I'm not at work. I'm so bored. And I have TOO much time on my hands.

man this is a great song.

Monday, March 11, 2013

What happened to KONY 2012?

What happened to KONY 2012? | Invisible Children |

I am a huge supporter of Invisible Children.  They are an amazing organization!!! Like I can't even tell you. They just move my soul to do something.
I will say once, I gave a donation so they could spread they flyers you will see they mention in the video..... and I got home from work a few days later, and had a voicemail from someone working there, thanking me personally for the donation.  It surprised me! That in all they do, they don't forget to thank the ones that help them.

I know they will find him and catch him. I have no doubt about it.  They are doing everything they can to stop this horrible injustice and save the children of Africa. That is God's work. And it will be done. I'm sure of it.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

The Chronicles of Narnia books only $1.99 a piece!!

The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe: The Chronicles of Narnia: C.S. Lewis, Pauline Baynes: Kindle Store <-- and="" be="" here="" p="" start="" sure="">
I'm sure you've seen the movies... They are great! I've been meaning to read the books, and now this is giving me the perfect opportunity to get a few of them and get started reading!!!


Thursday, March 7, 2013

Cosmosphere: Brad's Sky Stuff - How to See Comet PanSTARRS

Cosmosphere: Brad's Sky Stuff - How to See Comet PanSTARRS: Last month, Comet PanSTARRS delighted Southern Hemisphere observers; steadily brightening and forming a wispy forked tail.  Now it...

DUDE!!! i'm taking out my telescope on the 12th!!! AAAh!! sooo excited.

Why do you let me on beauty sites?!?!?!?!??!?!!??!?!?

You guys should know by now my weakness is beauty products. How many times have I snuck over to Sephora and bought stuff I shouldn't have!?!?!? Who knows.
Now look what i did... sign up for ANOTHER beauty box. This one was a bit more expensive.... $30 a month... BUT you don't get samples. You get FULL BOTTLES! and it's all natural, for all you cruelty free worriers.  I shouldn't have..
But they said Anti- Cellulite and they won me. haha Stupid cellulite.. if it works, I will be SURE to let you know!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

man i'm weak...
if you decide, there's 3 boxes you can choose from.... i chose Vegan, because you get beauty and body samples. anti-cellulite.  Just take my money!

True Beauty Box: Monthly Subscriptions, FULL SIZE Organic Skin Care & Cosmetics

cute owl, Mr. Peabody takes a bath.

saw this in my email from Cute overload this morning and had to share. awww he's so cute!

I love owls! but lately so does everyone else. haha I think it's the big ole eyes!!!!
gotta love it

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

*HOT* The Hunger Games Trilogy [Kindle Edition] Only $5!!!!!!

*HOT* The Hunger Games Trilogy [Kindle Edition] Only $5 (Reg $48.97) - Chicnsavvy Reviews <-- amazzzzinggg="" deal="" found="" my="" nbsp="" p="" sister="" this="">you can bet i went and bought it.

Those books were crazy.... and good. Read them through my Prime subscription (it's like renting.. but for books) and fell in love. :)
GOSH I can't wait for November (but not the winter again) to see Catching Fire!!!!

Win a lensbaby spark!!

I have a lensbaby and i love it!

It takes amazing pictures. i'll post a few! but if you want to try to win one.... GO HERE! and just liked the fb page and fill out the info! SIMPLE!!

here's just a few sample shots i've taken. it does amazing macro shots. i love them!

Monday, March 4, 2013


You guys this is my favorite show.  Forever!! I"m even going to a convention in Dallas in September. I'm SOOOOOOOOO excited I could die!!!!!

If you've never watched the show.. watch this. haha it's from one of the funniest episodes ever. they changed their whole show intro to this. LOVE ITTTTT

Mario Badescu Skin Care-- FREE SAMPLESSSS

Mario Badescu Skin Care Guys I did this a few weeks ago and just got my samples in the mail. was expecting like one little thing... i ended up with 6 little sample bottles!!!

sorry my camera phone is crappy.. but here ya go!!! so get on it. and they send you stuff that WORKS for YOUR skin.. not someone else's!

Friday, March 1, 2013

The Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta!!!! I WANNA GO!!

The Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta

ok this just sounds awesome... and AFFORDABLE.  it's mostly just the gas to get down there.
and to see all those hot air balloons go off at the same time.. wow!
i've never seen one in real life before.. but to see 500 at the same time.... WOW.
just wow.

i need to find someone to road trip with me!!! Anyone??? Kelsey& Adam? Laree & Arthur?