Wednesday, April 24, 2013

WoW!!!! Yes to Carrots..... i'm saying.. YES!

I had a coupon I got from amazon local to get $16 worth of product for $8 from and I didn't know what to get.... since there was only a few certain brands I could get.
Well I've been wanting to try the Yes TO... products and after the hair chalking fiasco, my ends have been awffffullllll. so i figured i'd try some leave in conditioner and see how it went.

here is the one i got.  Tried it this morning during my shower. As it says to use it right after your shampoo and not rinse... Well my ends have been AWFULLYY dry, so i used my shampoo and conditioner ad put that on my ends only.
it felt weird, cuz it literally just feels a bit like conditioner/lotion thing.... but i didn't wash it out.
i went to get ready for work and was like WHOAAAAAAA. my hair was sooooooooo soft. my ends actually feel like my hair again!!! 
i just... i can't even explain it!!!!

i was just amazed. so i had to tell the whole world. You know how I do.

Monday, April 22, 2013

Giant Flowers..... this would be a fun craft!

I found out today next month that I'm gonna be moving to my own place! THANK GOD! I've been wanting to live alone... since I got roommates. hhaha
Well I was on pinterest looking around at DIY and stumbled on this site Save On Crafts and stumbled upon this craft.  Making giant flowers.
Think I"m gonna have to do it!!! Looks pretty easy... it's just getting the right paper and/or fabric. Otherwise It looked pretty simple.

I really am a bit excited about decorating and things. haha I would have never said that before pinterest... ever!!!

happy day!!!!! "Fired Up" spot on tv!!!!!

Aww me so proud of my boys!!!! :)

Isaac LOVES Oklahoma Thunder. it's his favorite team! haha

i'm too proud of them. He must be so happy

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Sometimes I like to get kicked in the face.

if you've read any of my stuff or know me personally, you know that I love music. And one of my favorite bands (thankfully they didn't break up too!!!) is Hanson.  Well I posted their new single and video a few weeks ago.  Well there is another song out now, that will actually be playing on the NBA and NHL Finals!!! wooo!! go hanson go!!!  :) Very exciting for them. I"m like a proud mama or something!!!!! :)

But the point is.. I wanted to write a review about this song. Hanson has always had the possibility to rock n roll... I've seen them quite a few times live and they put on a great show.
So I'm gonna post this song.. and I want you to listen to it BEFORE you read on.... Because I'm going to give you the first real thoughts I had about it. And I want it to be fresh in your mind!!!!
Or you can read and listen at the same time. Don't let me twist your arm!  so open this in a new tab, please....


Ok good intro. I dig the guitar and the beat. I'm a SUCKER for a driving beat.  Then Zac comes in.... (ps. Zac is my perfect man... so I might be a little biased usually.. but not this time!!!!) And I'm kicked straight in the teeth!!!
HOLY SHIT! I knew he could rock but damnnnnnnnnn, Zac.  I have a moment where my face gets very flushed and another moment where I think about biting his lip... and then I'm back to listening....
Ooh still good!
Interesting little chorus there. Slows a bit.. but that's a good thing.
Because Zac and Taylor come back in, and WHAM! Knocked out another tooth!!!!!!!!
I always knew Zac had that roar... didn't know Taylor could do it. Impressed me a bit.

Chorus bit again... and then some guitar. Ooohh hello! And that beat. MY GOD! I loveeeeeeee driving beats. Good thing I wanna marry that drummer..... I mean...
Enjoying the break from Zac's kick ass voice. Mellow out a tiny bit for that chorus.

Hi. My Name is Isaac, I felt like you were getting to quiet. So I'm gonna kick you in the throat with my voice.  EnjoyyyyY!!!!!!!!  Oh and be sure I giggled when I heard that Queen refernce.  Guys, Queen is one of my favorite bands.. grew up on them. You can't make a reference to "We Will Rock You".  ....
"blood on your hands, mud on your face" i hearrrr you, hanson. i know.

Well thanks, guys, I can't breathe now and I look like i just got out of the battle ring. Appreciate it.
It is great to hear a great rock ....well not to sound all pun-like... but anthem. hahah!

Well spotted, as that is their album title "Anthem" due out June 18. So I suggest you mark your calendars and buy it. Can you really resist now?
hahahaha no. no you can't.
look at Zac's cute face (left side) and tell him you won't buy it. Awww you'd break his heart.

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Silver Spring------- song of the day.

You guys. I'd like to say I did a whole bunch of productive things on my day off. But I'd be a big fat liar.
I did nothing except for jam to Fleetwood Mac (STILL!) and watch some Criminal Minds.
Yep. I'm that exciting.......

But really. I'm fangirling like a 12 year old at a Bieber concert!!! LIke...... uh!!! My heart! I love it. I LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEE ITTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i'm dying with love. haha!

Just listen to it. And I don't know if Fleetwood Mac are magicians or TimeLords or what.... but they have these songs that are long, and feel like  2 1/2 minutes. It blows my mindddd!
Now that's talented.

Oh I love that line, "You will never get away from the sound of the woman that loves you"
damn. powerful!

So watch that.

And then when you fall in love with it, like the rest of us.... .Follow these links to go buy it. Cuz that album is fantastic.  LIke.... one of the greatest live albums I've ever heard.

THE DANCE album only $10 and you get the MP3 download with it. :)

THE DANCE dvd  -- $20. i need this. like... I NEEEEDDDDDD THISSSSSS.

don't be stupid. trust me. i promiseeeeeeeeeeee.

Fleetwood Mac... you talented bastards.

These guys...... these GUYS!!!! ugh. I love them. A LOT.
I just fell in love with this song last night. I think I listened to it like 10 times when I snuck out to my car to see if I could see some meteors in the meteor shower... ( I never saw any.)
LOVE LOVE LOVEEE IT. Those talented bastards.

Song of the day, man!!! SONG OF THE DAAAYY!!
Excuse me, i must get ready to repeat it....

Nexxus Youth Renewal Hair Serum--- review

hey guys!

I just got off work, but I had to make sure you knew about this product.  I got it in this month's birchbox which was about making small changes that pay off big.  I got this Nexxus Youth Renewal Hair Serum.  And it couldn't have come at a better time, really!!!
I don't know if you read it or not, but my entry about the hair chalking horror.........
Well my ends broke and split SO bad. it was all I could see. I would just spent all of my free time, it seemed, trying to get rid of those split ends. And I worked enough overtime I never could make it to the salon to get a trim! It was DRIVING ME BoNKERSSSSS!!!!!  You have NO idea.... it was about all I could talk about. haha Hair shouldn't be that important to anyone.... ever.
So I figured I had nothing to lose to give it a shot.  I've been using it for a few days. And tonight while I was at work (worked night shift and was bored out of my mind.. everyone was asleep......) so I was deciding to mess with those damned split ends again. And then I realized something.... My hair was LITERALLY so shiny in places, it looked like it had tiny sparkles on it. WHAT!?!? What would make my hair that sparkly and shiny???? Without looking greasy?
And then I realized, I didn't have as many split ends either!!!! And the ones I did have were VERY small, unlike some of the ones I had seen earlier this week and last week!!!!! Like... WHAT?!?!?!
HOw on God's green earth does that even work!?!?

I have shiny hair... so shiny it literally looks like it has sparkles in it, when you look at it up close.
My split ends are DRAMATICALLY less.... in a few days!?!?! That's crayyyy crazy!!!!
I've never had work on my hair that fast......or work at all! AHAHHAHAHAHAA

So... find it. Use it. Dude, I'm telling ya.. WORKSSSSS!

ooh that's a pretty picture. enjoy it. cuz it's what your hair is gonna look like... shinyyy!

Friday, April 19, 2013

The Cure - Just Like Heaven SONG OF THE DAY!!!

i love this song.  I have loved it since the first time I heard it.  Amazing stuff. And today I"m just having ones of those days where I'm walking around in some happy love bubble. :)
This song came on my shuffle and I just had to share it with everyone. Because it's just how i Feel!!!! :D :D :D :D

Sorry it's been forever since i've done a song of the day. been busy with work and such! I'll try harder

Thursday, April 18, 2013

little drops — Why Dove's "Real Beauty Sketches" Video Makes Me Uncomfortable... and Kind of Makes Me Angry

little drops — Why Dove's "Real Beauty Sketches" Video Makes Me Uncomfortable... and Kind of Makes Me Angry

i was hesitant to read this... but i am SOOOOOOO glad I did. This girl brings up the most amazing valid points about our society and the gooey feelings we get when someone says we are beautiful.

I've struggled with my self confidence issues my whole life, a lot of them stemming from my looks and weight.  We really have to stop thinking outside alone.. I am one of the worst about it. I'm so shallow when it comes to myself.

Just read it. It's great! I promise!!!!

Saturday, April 13, 2013

The light behind your eyes

I woke up and I was still in the mood for My Chemical Romance...
well I finally listened to a song that I hadn't listened to since they broke up. Because it is one of the most beautiful songs I've ever heard..... and I've heard a LOT of beautiful songs.
It's one of those that you would never expect a band like them to write and play. but it works. And it's so touching to my heart and soul.  Especially if you've lost someone important to you.
And you would do anything to bring them back... just one more time.
One of my favorite lines in it, is in the chorus
"If I could be with you tonight, I would sing you to sleep, never let them take the light behind your eyes."

Makes me think of a few people.. My dad, my nephews, and my cat.  :(

so powerful.

So give it a listen. It's amazing, I promise!!!

Friday, April 12, 2013

Ghost of you

This is one of my favorite My Chemical Romance songs.. it's sooooo passionate. I think really anyone can relate to it, if you really listen...

And I LOVE the video. it tells a great story. especially at the end, when Mikey "dies" and you see the pain on Gerard's face... they are brothers in real life, you know! (or maybe you didn't)

it's just great overall.  ALWAYS hits a chord in my heart and soul. especially if you've lost someone, through life's trials or through death.... it hits home.

Funny thing about songs and the way they break your heart

So I know I wrote a blog about My Chemical Romance breaking up a few weeks ago... It still hasn't really hit me yet. I still love their music just the same.
But tonight I was just feeling stupid emotional. Wanting to distract myself so I don't cry over something stupid....
so I went to my itunes and shuffled up my music.. and when my heart is breaking over a certain topic... about 80% of the music in my library (i have over 7000 songs) I can't listen to, because it brings up memories or whatever.
But this song came on.......

which is one of their newer songs.. (well not really newer, recorded years ago, but released right before the break up) and it was one of my favorites out of the newly released songs. Because it's fun and upbeat and you just want to dance. And it really encompasses what MCR was to me. A great band that you can turn on and tune the whole world out. You can just rock and roll, and dance and forget the world. The last time I seen them in concert 4-9-11, was on Gerard's bday (the lead singer) and I went stark raving crazy at that show. I was dancing so hard. I literally have never felt that free.
I'm always stuck in my own head. Always, i almost never get a break from it.  LIke I am not getting a break right now.
And this song just gets me more than the others that they are done.... just breaks my heart.

so listen and enjoy. and drown the world out. because that's what music is for sometimes, not to make you think... but to make it so you don't think.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Longer Lashes... "Too Faced Better Than False Lashes" Review

I am ALWAYS looking for a good mascara. Looking for something affordable but does the job.  I have plenty of lashes (except for recently, i've been losing a few.....which is sad) but they are very straight and not that long.  So  need something to give them length, since their volume is still ok.

So I decided to try Too Faced (probably my favorite beauty products) Better than False lashes.  Which I bought at Sephora  .  It was very expensive but I read some great reviews on it.. so i thought I'd give it a try. They've never let me down before right?

Well I received it in the mail today. Took my shower couldn't wait to try it, cuz I ended up buying this other beauty kit, so I wanted to try it alll!!!! I was very excited.
The eyeshadow/blush/bronzer kit I got, was great.  :) Sweet Indulgence check it out here

The mascara... said to put the regular tube on.. and then use the nylon fiber extenders, and then another coat of the regular mascara. easy enough.
The masacara on the first coat didn't do a damn thing. haha. Not to be used alone!! Sooo I go to the fiber tube.  Expecting a white liquid, as I've seen other companies use.
Um... no.  I WISH IT WAS LIQUID!!!!!! It was literally fibers.  LIke little pieces of nylon, I guess... looked like cotton.  You brush this on your lashes. I'm expecting it to just fall off all over my face. Didn't see it fall....
put on the next coat of mascara, definitely see a difference.  My lashes are longer.  Definitely longer.
But................................... at what cost? I've been walking around like I feel like I have fuzzies in my eyes. BECAUSE I DO! I ended up putting like 3 coats of mascara on there to make sure I didn't have little fibers falling into my eyes.  VERY ANNOYING! and now my lashes are all kind of heavy and feel like they are sticking to my bottom lashes a bit in the corners.

So after my first use, I'm not in love..... sadly, not in love.
I'll give it a few more shots, don't wanna waste my money! It wasn't cheap, you know!!!!! maybe I'll find a way to keep the fibers out of my eyes..

if anyone has tried it, let me know what you think!!!!! I'm curious.......

but on a happier note.. this is my Too faced collection now. ooh! plus a lip gloss I forgot to put in the picture. haha! oops.
And I really do love all the stuff. The eyebrow kit surprised me the most after I tried it at my sister's house. It's a great product. The bronzer is love. I get compliments when I wear it.

Time to get rid of cellulite!

It's hereditary I read... I believe it.  Cellulite. I hate it. Ooh God, can you please make my legs and bumpy! Nah, I don't want them to be beautiful and smooth like the ones I see on normal girls!!! Make them bumpy and disgusting!!!

Ya right.. .said NO ONE EVER!!!!!!!!!!!! So I've tried a few things before to smooth the bumps. Haven't we all????? #rollseyes

So I got this NIvea stuff to try.  I read some reviews on.. where else? Amazon... and people said good things about it. So it's worth a shot.

Tried it once last night and put it on after my shower today.  It's VERY soft and easy to apply.  Made my legs feel very soft.  So far no miracles... haha I still have cellulite.
BUT i'm hopeful.  And if it works... you'll know!!!

FAST --- grow your hair... faster! (well let's hope!)

hey! A few years ago my hair went from growing like.... an inch every 1,000,000 years to an  inch in a few months! haha I don't know why.. but it started to grow faster.
WELLL, being a girl... you know we can never have too much of a good thing.  Soooo I read a tonnnn of reviews on it, and found this FAST shampoo and conditioner on amazon  and since i"m a Prime member (had to.. i'm an amazon addict...) It came yesterday!
Of course, right after I took a shower. haha!
But I used it today.. and obviously my hair hasn't grown yet (that'd be tooo weird!) But I will give you some thoughts about it's first use.
First, my hair likes change, i can't use the same shampoo and conditioner all the time. I have to change it up about once or twice a week.  Just keep that in your mind.

Shampoo, smelled really clean. Not very scented, I appreciate that.  It totally made my hair feel VERY clean, completely stripped my hair of it's natural oils. (good!) and felt thicker (very good!)  It did feel a bit dry.. but hey that's what conditioner is for!

Conditioner... kept it on the 1-2 minutes like it says. I usually don't do that... because i have such naturally soft hair, it just makes it extra oily if i keep my conditioner on too long.  But I did, cuz it told me to. And I want it to work.  Made my hair soft and manageable.  Didn't feel too soft either! Well not yet, it's still wet as I'm typing this. haha!

I am excited to try this out. If it works, I will shout it out from every mountain!!!!!

this is the box it comes in, the bottles are pretty big! You get both the shampoo and conditioner together for that price I posted from amazon.  Pretty decent really... if it works!!!!!

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

New Music from Hanson. "Get The Girl Back"

Get More: 
Hanson, Top 20 Countdown

Hanson has always been one of my favorite bands. Check out their new single here!!! And be sure to order it on itunes 4-9-13
The full album, Anthem, comes out on 6-18!!!! be sure and get it.

Monday, April 1, 2013

Hair Chalking... the horror!


I'm like exhausted and my brain isn't working... but my body won't let me go to sleep... i've been up almost 27 hours straight.. making me feel all kinds of yuck. zzzzz
so i figure if I'm gonna be up, I might as well do something productive.  And I've been meaning to write this blog for days.. but with work and overtime, it didn't get done.....

Ok, well my sister posted on twitter an online coupon for hair chalk for like $15 shipped.  And I've been wanting to try it foreverrrr since I saw Kandee Johnson do it. It looked so cute on her dark hair, so I knew it would work on mine.

So I waited... it shipped from China, was originally supposed to be like $80 (thank God for coupons....) I got it like a week something later. So as soon as I could, I had to try it! The first night, I didn't really get my hair wet enough... the color was barely visible. And it made my hair feel weird... like a bad dry shampoo. But it was tolerable, I guess, since I only did like 2 streaks.

Well that weekend, I was gonna have a girls night with some of my friends, so I was getting all cute and stuff, and knew I was gonna do the chalk in my hair to make it all fun! I had re-watched Kandee's video to make sure I did it right. Made sure it was wet... used the white chalk first so the other colors showed up.  Blow dried my hair. Should've been amazing. Cuz I did everything I could to keep my hair straight as possible so it wouldn't rat up.

Um.................. ew. My hair was the most disgusting thing I've ever felt. It DID rat up. I couldn't even brush through it!!!!! It felt sticky... but dry. I can't even explain it. It was a nightmare.  And trying to get it to smooth out a bit, I ended up pulling most of the color out. But i couldn't even run my fingers or anything else through my hair!
I had done a few streaks and the ends....

Well the next morning, I go wash my hair. Washed it twice. Conditioned it twice. could BARELY feel a difference. My hair was dry and sticky feeling.  The ends were a mess. I couldn't stand it. I could barely run my fingers through my hair all day. It was GROSS.

Next day, I wash and condition my hair again.. leaving the conditioner on longer than I normaly do ( i have naturally oily hair.. i don't keep it on long, it makes my hair too oily).  And my ends are STILL dry. Like gonna have to go make a hair appointment and get a trim bad.
It completely damaged my ends. I have so many split ends now.. I had a few before.. but it made it awful.

So my overall opinion..... DO NOT DO IT!!!!!!!! Don't be tempted by this colorful easy fix. Unless you like disgusting feeling hair.  I personally like my naturally soft, manageable hair.
I don't know about you.........

unless you have dreads... then you might not notice....

see Kandee.. turned out lovely. mine was awful.
don't be tempted!!!