Wednesday, April 24, 2013

WoW!!!! Yes to Carrots..... i'm saying.. YES!

I had a coupon I got from amazon local to get $16 worth of product for $8 from and I didn't know what to get.... since there was only a few certain brands I could get.
Well I've been wanting to try the Yes TO... products and after the hair chalking fiasco, my ends have been awffffullllll. so i figured i'd try some leave in conditioner and see how it went.

here is the one i got.  Tried it this morning during my shower. As it says to use it right after your shampoo and not rinse... Well my ends have been AWFULLYY dry, so i used my shampoo and conditioner ad put that on my ends only.
it felt weird, cuz it literally just feels a bit like conditioner/lotion thing.... but i didn't wash it out.
i went to get ready for work and was like WHOAAAAAAA. my hair was sooooooooo soft. my ends actually feel like my hair again!!! 
i just... i can't even explain it!!!!

i was just amazed. so i had to tell the whole world. You know how I do.

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