Friday, April 12, 2013

Funny thing about songs and the way they break your heart

So I know I wrote a blog about My Chemical Romance breaking up a few weeks ago... It still hasn't really hit me yet. I still love their music just the same.
But tonight I was just feeling stupid emotional. Wanting to distract myself so I don't cry over something stupid....
so I went to my itunes and shuffled up my music.. and when my heart is breaking over a certain topic... about 80% of the music in my library (i have over 7000 songs) I can't listen to, because it brings up memories or whatever.
But this song came on.......

which is one of their newer songs.. (well not really newer, recorded years ago, but released right before the break up) and it was one of my favorites out of the newly released songs. Because it's fun and upbeat and you just want to dance. And it really encompasses what MCR was to me. A great band that you can turn on and tune the whole world out. You can just rock and roll, and dance and forget the world. The last time I seen them in concert 4-9-11, was on Gerard's bday (the lead singer) and I went stark raving crazy at that show. I was dancing so hard. I literally have never felt that free.
I'm always stuck in my own head. Always, i almost never get a break from it.  LIke I am not getting a break right now.
And this song just gets me more than the others that they are done.... just breaks my heart.

so listen and enjoy. and drown the world out. because that's what music is for sometimes, not to make you think... but to make it so you don't think.

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