Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Garnier Wonder Waves :)

I have the straightest hair of all time...... People literally ask me all the time if I straighten my hair. haha. NO that's boring and natural......
Well I wanted a flexible hairspray (SO hard to find these days.. wth hairspray companies!?) So I got that Garnier Wonder Waves spritzy spray stuff. haha  I used it a little bit as regular spray and  my curls did hold. Which surprised me! BUT the reason I'm writing this.... is because I followed the instructions on the bottle... I sprayed my damp hair, twisted it up and pinned it down with some bobby pins, and let it air dry for a while.
Finally I got tired of waiting for my hair to dry... for such fine straight hair, it takes a billion years for my hair to completely dry..... so I took it down. It WORKED!
I got these cute beachy like waves going on!
I'd take a picture but I'm getting ready to go to sleep.... and you're not gonna see wthout make up when my face looks this awful. hahahah! I'll try another time!

Ohh... and my memory card to my camera died last night..... SADNESS!!!!!! So i coudn't even if I wanted to! Until my new ones comes along.

So check it out... it works!

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