Thursday, May 16, 2013

In an I Love You Mood.

Despite the title of this blog, i'm not in an i love you mood. Quite the opposite.  i had a bad dream that I do not want to recap..... put me in a bad mood all day.
Then I go outside to cheer myself up, taking pictures of all the birds flying around. I mean i took a LOT of pictures... not sure, at least 200.  I saw the cutest Sparrows. This crazy beautiful bird that was black with BRIGHT ORANGE spots on his wings and head. So pretty!
Then I go somewhere else, and see more of the orange and black birds. Then I see these gophers (or really fat ground squirrels.. no idea) But there was like a huge family of them. CUTEST things! I wanted to keep them all!!
Got great pictures of them and the birds. I was so happy just chilling outside while it was a beautiful PERFECT 90 degrees.
I was excited about all the great pictures I took. Couldn't wait to go home and upload them.

Now, what you must know.. is my memory card kinda croaked on me a week or so ago and i lost a whole bunch of pictures when i was trying to lightning pictures. THANKFULLY I didn't have too many awesome pictures that I lost. But I was very upset about it. So I ordered a new one... and I was very scared to try the new one in the card reader. Because whatever was wrong with my old memory card, it didn't fit right in the card reader. I was afraid it would mess up my new memory card. I was VERY careful, and finally got too scared and put it back in my camera.
A little too late. All of my pictures were gone. I'm seriously in a grieving period.  :( Angry and sad and mad and sad don't cover it. I've just been utterly heartbroken ever since. Heartbroken really...

Well I went to yahoo and found a picture of the pretty bird I was talking about...
aww see how pretty it is???? :( 

Even writing this is making me sadder.  So onward... the title comes from a song. There was a one hit wonder band back in the 90's called LondonBeat.  Well, they shouldn't have been a one hit wonder.. more like a 2 hit wonder. haha. I love this song. And if I wasn't in such a sad mood today about the stupid dream and the things I'm going through emotionally and spiritually, I would have listened to it.
BUT I am.. and I don't wanna talk about it or think about it. BUT I want you to hear the song. Because it's a great song, and if you're missing someone and want to hear a good love song, listen to it. It always gets to me. Great stuff really.

I hope you love it the way I do. Damnit, now I wanna hear it. Ohhh heart, can you handle it?? 

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