Sunday, April 21, 2013

Sometimes I like to get kicked in the face.

if you've read any of my stuff or know me personally, you know that I love music. And one of my favorite bands (thankfully they didn't break up too!!!) is Hanson.  Well I posted their new single and video a few weeks ago.  Well there is another song out now, that will actually be playing on the NBA and NHL Finals!!! wooo!! go hanson go!!!  :) Very exciting for them. I"m like a proud mama or something!!!!! :)

But the point is.. I wanted to write a review about this song. Hanson has always had the possibility to rock n roll... I've seen them quite a few times live and they put on a great show.
So I'm gonna post this song.. and I want you to listen to it BEFORE you read on.... Because I'm going to give you the first real thoughts I had about it. And I want it to be fresh in your mind!!!!
Or you can read and listen at the same time. Don't let me twist your arm!  so open this in a new tab, please....


Ok good intro. I dig the guitar and the beat. I'm a SUCKER for a driving beat.  Then Zac comes in.... (ps. Zac is my perfect man... so I might be a little biased usually.. but not this time!!!!) And I'm kicked straight in the teeth!!!
HOLY SHIT! I knew he could rock but damnnnnnnnnn, Zac.  I have a moment where my face gets very flushed and another moment where I think about biting his lip... and then I'm back to listening....
Ooh still good!
Interesting little chorus there. Slows a bit.. but that's a good thing.
Because Zac and Taylor come back in, and WHAM! Knocked out another tooth!!!!!!!!
I always knew Zac had that roar... didn't know Taylor could do it. Impressed me a bit.

Chorus bit again... and then some guitar. Ooohh hello! And that beat. MY GOD! I loveeeeeeee driving beats. Good thing I wanna marry that drummer..... I mean...
Enjoying the break from Zac's kick ass voice. Mellow out a tiny bit for that chorus.

Hi. My Name is Isaac, I felt like you were getting to quiet. So I'm gonna kick you in the throat with my voice.  EnjoyyyyY!!!!!!!!  Oh and be sure I giggled when I heard that Queen refernce.  Guys, Queen is one of my favorite bands.. grew up on them. You can't make a reference to "We Will Rock You".  ....
"blood on your hands, mud on your face" i hearrrr you, hanson. i know.

Well thanks, guys, I can't breathe now and I look like i just got out of the battle ring. Appreciate it.
It is great to hear a great rock ....well not to sound all pun-like... but anthem. hahah!

Well spotted, as that is their album title "Anthem" due out June 18. So I suggest you mark your calendars and buy it. Can you really resist now?
hahahaha no. no you can't.
look at Zac's cute face (left side) and tell him you won't buy it. Awww you'd break his heart.

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