Tuesday, October 21, 2014

The Death of Jacob Track

Hey! Sorry for the ridiculously few posts lately! I had like 6 months when I couldn't even log in for some reason..... then I just worked 12-16 hour days every day. Doesn't give a lot of time to blog about life, when you're at work or asleep!!!
But i'm going to try to slowly get back to it. I still work 12 hour days all the time... but I do get a free hour or so in the morning to check up on social sites and such.
Well the main reason for the post, is that I've been typing up the novel I've been working on (well off and on for over 16 YEARS....) and I wanted to share it with all of you.
It's something that has been a struggle to write, but I'm proud of it. And I would love to get input! It's almost finished....I can see the end in sight!
Which is awesome.
I have 22 chapters typed up on Wattpad, which is as far I've written. I'm working on it as much as I can.  I promise it will be done before the end of this year!

here's a link to the story. Check it out please!

Here's a short summary, if you'd like.

At 17 years old Jacob Track is murdered. His killer makes it look like a suicide and the town mourns his loss. After an eventful funeral, not everyone comes out the same. Less than a year after Jacob's death, rumors begin to fly around the small town of Larned, Kansas, that Jacob is back from the dead. As Jacob's classmates prepare for their senior year at high school, they long to find out if Jacob really is a member of the undead. Along the way, more questions come than answers to the mystery surrounding Jacob's death and his resurrection. Who killed Jacob? And more importantly, what is the real reason why she did it? Not everything is what it seems surrounding the death of Jacob Track...

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

help the rainforests

The ecosystems of the Rainforests are slowly going away. And it breaks my heart!
If you want to do something about it.... and do it for free, if you can't donate to charities...

The Rainforest Site

you can click on the button up to once a day! for free and the site donates FOR YOU! handy!
there's also other sites within the Greater Good network that you can choose to help as well!

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Soap! *with pics this time*

So as I've mentioned once or twice... I've found easy ways to make soap. It's been easy and fun!! The worst part about it.... is cleaning the soap of the dishes used to make it, and the overpowering smells! hahaha!!!!!
When you make numerous batches, the combo of smells gets to me. And you have to use alcohol on it (not in it!!!) and that makes even more smells!

But it's fun and I'm gonna start trying to sell it.
But I've hesitated putting pictures of i on here because my sister follows my blog and she's getting some for Christmas.
AND because of schedules, she still hasn't gotten her presents from me, nor I from her. Sigh.... I'm becoming impatient, really.

Well I took some pics today of what I have made recently and have left after presents. There are still some that are in her presents that I'm not posting. So that's a plus. haha!!!

Hope you like them! And if you do... check out Soap Queen TV on youtube or brambleberry.com for DIY kits.

 this plaid soap looks complicated but it's not! 

 lemon soap! 

 random bars I had from left overs.

 total amount I have left. 

Papa Roach - Kick In The Teeth

LOVEEEE THIS SONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

that's all I have to say about that.

Monday, December 30, 2013

George Michael - Father Figure

man I love music. Here's another blast from the past. I don't care what people say about him or what he's done.. MUSICALLY he's awesome. Seriously a really talented guy. I love this song. Hope you do too!

Michael Jackson - You Can't Win

I love Michael Jackson, always have! This song is sooooooo catchy and fun!!!!!!
It came on my itunes and I just danced around the house while I made my soap. hahaha
Speaking of soap.... I will post pics of it after I can finally give it to my sisters for Christmas. I don't want any spoilers!!! heheh

Well enjoy the groove and get off your booottayyy.