Monday, April 22, 2013

Giant Flowers..... this would be a fun craft!

I found out today next month that I'm gonna be moving to my own place! THANK GOD! I've been wanting to live alone... since I got roommates. hhaha
Well I was on pinterest looking around at DIY and stumbled on this site Save On Crafts and stumbled upon this craft.  Making giant flowers.
Think I"m gonna have to do it!!! Looks pretty easy... it's just getting the right paper and/or fabric. Otherwise It looked pretty simple.

I really am a bit excited about decorating and things. haha I would have never said that before pinterest... ever!!!


  1. That is nice your getting to live on your own. Where are you moving?

  2. i showed you the place the other day. i looked at the online pics and it looks nice inside. gonna have to find lots of ways to make it pretty and nerdy too haha.