Friday, June 28, 2013

Make up wear off? Try this CHEAP fix!!

Ok I know you guys all know my oily skin woes! Well I used the mineral veil from bare minerals that works pretty well to keep your foundation longer, and soaks up oils as well. Well I ran out and after moving my budget was smaller. So I went weeks with oily as french fries kind of skin! Ewww. Nothing more disgusting than skin you constantly have to blot!
So I found a hard candy face primer at walmart, helped a little but not enough. And then I remembered something I saw on pinterest...honestly, how did we ever live without it?! And it mentioned cornstarch. Well what could it hurt?
So I went to dollar general spent a literal $1on a box of cornstarch. Put a little bit of it in a small container (used the bare minerals jar) and put a little on a brush and covered my face. Now we shall see....
Enter 100+ degree days and 12 hour shift. I feel the powder starting to lose its effects (after sweating all morning before work) about 8-10 hrs in. Seriously!! It lasted almost all day. And I ran around a lot!
Even now I can feel it soaking up the oil and my face is dry, not too dry, and clean. Ooh aah.
I say give it a shot if you have trouble with makeup running away.

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