Sunday, July 28, 2013

Slim fast shakes! Review

Hey! I happen to get a slim fast shake from influenster the other day. I had tried slim fast before and liked it! I was sent the strawberries and cream.
Didn't know what to expect since I don't always like the fake strawberry flavor, but love real strawberries. But it was good! Smooth and creamy. In it I received some cocktail recipe cards too. You know it is summer and girls just wanna have fun while they get skinnier!! :) good thinking slimfast!
I was pleasantly surprised at how filling it was, at only 180 calories. I didn't eat for about 3 hours. Which is realllyyy saying something for me! I can almost never get full! Ever! (Doesn't help with weight loss, I will tell ya that!)
So be sure and check them out online. There are tons of new flavors!

"This post was created in connection with my appointment as a SlimFast Ambassador."

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