Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Soap! *with pics this time*

So as I've mentioned once or twice... I've found easy ways to make soap. It's been easy and fun!! The worst part about it.... is cleaning the soap of the dishes used to make it, and the overpowering smells! hahaha!!!!!
When you make numerous batches, the combo of smells gets to me. And you have to use alcohol on it (not in it!!!) and that makes even more smells!

But it's fun and I'm gonna start trying to sell it.
But I've hesitated putting pictures of i on here because my sister follows my blog and she's getting some for Christmas.
AND because of schedules, she still hasn't gotten her presents from me, nor I from her. Sigh.... I'm becoming impatient, really.

Well I took some pics today of what I have made recently and have left after presents. There are still some that are in her presents that I'm not posting. So that's a plus. haha!!!

Hope you like them! And if you do... check out Soap Queen TV on youtube or brambleberry.com for DIY kits.

 this plaid soap looks complicated but it's not! 

 lemon soap! 

 random bars I had from left overs.

 total amount I have left. 

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