Thursday, May 16, 2013

Get FREE Julep beauty box!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So I seen an ad for a free Julep beauty box... so I went and took a quiz and it gave me the best box for my tastes. Julep sells mostly nail polishes (for the little mani/pedi girls out there)  but some other beauty products as well.
Well if you add whatever box you get to your cart and checkout.. add the code FREEBOX and you can get a FREE beauty box! All you have to do is pay shipping, which was $4.
So i was totally ok with paying $4 for something that would have cost me $25. haha I can do that!!!!

I figured you could too!!!!!!!
It was really too good of a deal to pass up!

I got the Bombshell box.  Should be fun!! that Glitter polish... i'm gonna have to try that!

*Just so you know, once you get your box, if you do not wish to continue getting them, be sure and cancel!!!!! I forgot to add that!!!!!!

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