Friday, August 16, 2013

You too faced.....

:) I had to get your attention, didn't I?? Well if you never read anything, then you don't know of my love for the brand Too Faced. Oh their eyeshadow sets are too lovely. I wear them every day. Their eyeshadow primer lasts over 12 hours usually  (unless you are super sweaty...)! Their plumping lip gloss works. I love them. A lot.
Well and silly me neverrrr even thought to look to see if they had an official site, not just sold through sephora or ulta.  But I looked it up and signed up for an account. Because I am obsessed (if only they were cheaper..poo!) And ended up buying the summer eyeshadow box. Mmmm it looked like summer. (Well technically not this summer..what up, kansas? Rain much?!) Beautiful stuff. And then a bronzer and brush kit. :) they make wonderful bronzers.
But when you sign up for an account to be on the A-list (freeeee) you get a 10% off coupon code to be used on your purchase!  Woot woooott!!
Sooooooo head your pretty butt and face over to Too Faced and sign up!

Mm so beautiful I shall be.....

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