Thursday, April 4, 2013

Longer Lashes... "Too Faced Better Than False Lashes" Review

I am ALWAYS looking for a good mascara. Looking for something affordable but does the job.  I have plenty of lashes (except for recently, i've been losing a few.....which is sad) but they are very straight and not that long.  So  need something to give them length, since their volume is still ok.

So I decided to try Too Faced (probably my favorite beauty products) Better than False lashes.  Which I bought at Sephora  .  It was very expensive but I read some great reviews on it.. so i thought I'd give it a try. They've never let me down before right?

Well I received it in the mail today. Took my shower couldn't wait to try it, cuz I ended up buying this other beauty kit, so I wanted to try it alll!!!! I was very excited.
The eyeshadow/blush/bronzer kit I got, was great.  :) Sweet Indulgence check it out here

The mascara... said to put the regular tube on.. and then use the nylon fiber extenders, and then another coat of the regular mascara. easy enough.
The masacara on the first coat didn't do a damn thing. haha. Not to be used alone!! Sooo I go to the fiber tube.  Expecting a white liquid, as I've seen other companies use.
Um... no.  I WISH IT WAS LIQUID!!!!!! It was literally fibers.  LIke little pieces of nylon, I guess... looked like cotton.  You brush this on your lashes. I'm expecting it to just fall off all over my face. Didn't see it fall....
put on the next coat of mascara, definitely see a difference.  My lashes are longer.  Definitely longer.
But................................... at what cost? I've been walking around like I feel like I have fuzzies in my eyes. BECAUSE I DO! I ended up putting like 3 coats of mascara on there to make sure I didn't have little fibers falling into my eyes.  VERY ANNOYING! and now my lashes are all kind of heavy and feel like they are sticking to my bottom lashes a bit in the corners.

So after my first use, I'm not in love..... sadly, not in love.
I'll give it a few more shots, don't wanna waste my money! It wasn't cheap, you know!!!!! maybe I'll find a way to keep the fibers out of my eyes..

if anyone has tried it, let me know what you think!!!!! I'm curious.......

but on a happier note.. this is my Too faced collection now. ooh! plus a lip gloss I forgot to put in the picture. haha! oops.
And I really do love all the stuff. The eyebrow kit surprised me the most after I tried it at my sister's house. It's a great product. The bronzer is love. I get compliments when I wear it.


  1. That stinks it isn't fully what you were hoping for. Hopefully you can find a way to use it and it works without making your lashes feel heavy. I know I would hate that too.

  2. I tried it again... and almost kept my eye closed when i put it on.... like a squint... and it didn't get as many fuzzies in my eyes.
    you should try it though... i's SOOO weird.
    i don't know if i can get used to it!!
    AND it's so hard to take off....