Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Soap... do you wanna make it??


I am always seeing the cutest bars of soap on Pinterest and  I wondered if there was an easy way to make soap. I looked it up and came across the "old fashioned" way to make it.. with water, lye, oils, and etc. Sounds a bit EXPENSIVE and difficult. So I kept searching... and found a method called "melt and pour" soap making. You buy premade soap bases, and then add your own fragrance, color and molds to make WHATEVER you can THINK OF!!
Well there's a great site called BrambleBerry  where you can buy melt and pour soap kits and plenty of pre-made bases, fragrances, and colors.
And the lady, the Soap Queen, Anne Marie, has a greatttt youtube channel to learn all of it!
She answers a lot of questions, if you have any on youtube or twitter. I've found her very friendly!!!!
So if it's something you were looking for an easy way to make and make some birthday or Christmas presents (probably too late for this christmas, unless you live near a craft store.. I don't sadly..), I would check it out.
Just made my first batch (plaid soap kit) and had left over, so i made random bars for fun to sell to my friends.
Give it a shot! It's fun! AND EASY!!!!!

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