Monday, June 10, 2013

Sorry for the low posts! I have IDEAS

Sorry I haven't been able to post. Like I said before, I'm without wifi right now. Well....technically. haha Right now I'm sitting at a friends house using her laptop to tell you this.
But after the 21st I should be able to get some internet turned on at the new place and start getting going again.
I"ve been doing a LOT of thinking about this blog and the places I wanna go with it. I still am going to do my random picture posts. I love taking pictures.
I'm still gonna do random beauty products you should try and tell you what works and what doesn't! THAT IS IMPORTANT!!!!! haha!
Still gonna do random life things.... I'll try to not let them be so pouty.
But I really love music, as you know this.... and I was talking to this guy I met for like 2 hours the other night about music and what I want to do in life. And I still have the BIGGEST desire in my heart to work in that business, somehow. And I am more drawn to helping bands out than anything.  Like the bands that are so talented but no one has ever heard about them. Those guys. I particularly want to help those guys!!! I love watching people's dreams come true. And if I could be apart of that in any way helping them, then I'm all for it.
So I was thinking about picking like a band a week (I figured week so I have time to research and still go to work hahah) and then sharing videos and information about that band. Letting you know who they are musically and how you can keep in touch with them to know when they are going on tour, or whatever. Some bands are really awesome about using social media and you can make friends with a few. I know I have. So why can't you? You should!!!!!

So that's my big idea. I'll let you know about some as soon as I can!!

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