Friday, July 26, 2013

35 children does this happen??

In this past article from 2008, you will read about a law that the state of Nebraska passed for newborn babies, but didn't put an age limit on it. So 35 kids were left at hospitals...none of them infants.
This infuriates me!! I only heard of it because of the book series I'm reading, "unwind".  Its a book set in the future where parents can sign to have their child, until they are legally an adult,  "unwound" and their parts sold like organ donation...... it is truly a disturbing thought. In this book there are no more abortions, which started the whole idea....
When did the human race begin to devalue life so much, they don't care how old their child is? What has happened to us? Is there any saving this race? Before we sell ourselves and our families for money?
Where is our conscience, world??

Oh and I think everyone should read this book series. He posts facts and articles that shows that we just might be headed to harvesting troubled teens for money.......awful. amazing books.

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