Friday, August 2, 2013

Glossy box! My first box

So I got a subscription to Glossy Box beauty sample box. I'm a smidgen bit obsessed with beauty boxes! You know my oily skin woes (which I can quelch now daily to those boxes!) And my random breakouts which are almost completely gone! I still get a few hormonal ones but nothing a little Yes to Tomatoes roller stick can't kick in a few days.

But I'm off topic. My boxes have been good to me, so I decided to try another and see if its better or worse. Glossy box runs $20 a month for 5-6 samples of high end products. I got a good box this time. Love the color of that nail polish! Can't wait to use it!
Tried the face wipes last night.....didn't make me greasy but it did look like I was going to break out this morning! Eeks...leave it for the roomie! Haha
The lip balm from Figs & Rouge I love, in cherry blossom. Thank goodness it has a light scent and tint, and doesn't taste like cherries (not a fan)! Its smooth and shiny. Makes my lips look and feel great! Runs $9! A bit high...but...might be worth it.
So far I'm happy.
Ooh! I almost forgot (running on no sleep...pardon me) the hair masque made my hair so soft....for my fine hair, will it be too soft? We shall see!!
See if it's for you!

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