Thursday, May 16, 2013

Groupon.... do it already.

I signed up for Groupon a while back and have bought some deals from it. Today I just got something I've ALWAYS wanted to do... take a paining class!! Only $17. it was half priced! And it's in Wichita, which is a few hours from me (But everything in Kansas is a few hours from you. hahah) And you can set an appointment to do it whenever I have time to.
I'm really excited!!!!!!!! Find this groupon HERE

Well if you were ever thinkin about signing up for Groupon but unsure if they have anything for you, SIGN UP!!  Do it! And if you sign up under that link, I get benefits. Just like your friends will if they sign under you.  :) 

I am really excited about my painting class. and There's some online photography courses I am eventually gonna get too! 

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