Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Not Going to have Internet

Hey I'm moving this wekeend, THANK GOD! But because of that, it's gonna be a week or two before I have internet.
I"m guessing I'll probably go to the library when I have time and check stuff so I will still be able to keep in touch a bit.. .But the blog will go quiet.
I'm gonna get it turned back on as soon as possible. haha I hate not having wifi.. I get so bored. Here... let's watch another dvd, self!!!


let's hope my bills aren't as much as I think they will be next week.....

Saturday, May 25, 2013

30 Foods You'll Never Have To Buy Again

30 Foods You'll Never Have To Buy Again

this is a great list I have to remember where i found it!! haha
Find recipes to make your own potato chips, NUTELLA, peanut butter, hummus, sirachi, and much moreeee

Friday, May 24, 2013

Panic Station-- Muse. Song of the day. ooohhh

Oohhhhhh 1 2 3 4 5.. blah blah blah.. can't understand a word he says. haha
I don't care WHAT he says. I love this beat. This song is killing me with it's funk. haha Fast forward to like 55 seconds if you want to hear the song. Dang videos with their talking!!!!

love it. that groooveeee is sick, man. sick!

The 25 Greatest Sloths The Internet Has Ever Seen

The 25 Greatest Sloths The Internet Has Ever Seen <-- ain="" lie="" no="" p="" t="" this="">I almost died of laughter!

almost dieedddd.

Living Social deal-- $9 for $18 worth of stuff from soap is a great site. I've bought stuff from them before using a coupon like this.  It's got lots of stuff from soap to beauty products to home items!
Check it out


Skywatcher's Guide: Eye-Catching Triple Planet Huddle in Evening Sky

Skywatcher's Guide: Eye-Catching Triple Planet Huddle in Evening Sky

i love the sky! so check it out starting tonight

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Neon Trees - Moving In The Dark Lyrics

i'll share this a million times. cuz it's freaking aamaaazzzinggg.

Godsmack - Cryin' Like A Bitch!!

not a song for the kids!!! AHHAHA! but that guitar, oohhh i loveeeeeee that sound.
and the singer is wayyyyyyyyy sexy. haha sorry, but he is!

Birchbox. Do it, already!!!!!!!!!!

Guys. I've mentioned birchbox to you so many times.. haha I know I have! Because I dig it. Where else can you get high end samples EACH MONTH DELIVERED TO YOUR DOOR for $10!!!!!?!?!? Nowhere. That's where.
So do it.
I'm becoming obsessed with beauty boxes, but this is my favorite, by far.


Here's a great example of something I got in my May box. It's a detangler and protectant. It works... well, even! Too well for my oily hair! But if you have dry hair and tangles and need protection, I'd say GET IT. it smells soft and makes your hair VERY soft!!!! silky soft.

Just one reason I love Birchbox.  And I won't go on and on and on about Make's makeup remover and how soft it makes my skin and easy it comes off! And how I am gonna buy it the second I have some extra money! And how it took off that Too Faced mascara that barely came off when I took a shower..... no I won't mention any of that. haha

Dual Phase Eye Makeup Remover

it really does look like that.. cuz it's a mix of water and oil or something. haha either way, it makes your skin like SILK. and works amazingly. lasts a long time too. don't need much of it to go a long way!

If those two don't win you over.. you're weird! 

Jewel Mint... and how it sucked me in! haha

So the other night at work I was BORED out of my mind, cuz i'm sitting there for 12 hours listening to someone sleep. (can't complain too much, i got paid for that! hahahah) so I was messing on my ipod and signed up for Shoe Dazzle  which I surprisingly loved a lot of shoes.. and i'm not a shoe person!
And then I kept seeing a commercial for Jewel Mint on tv. So I was like "eh, why not?" and signed up for that too! hahah Most of their items are about $30 but some are much more.... I was looking at the affordable pieces, obviously!

Well when you sign up, you get an automatic code as a new customer that when you buy 2 pieces at $29.99, you only pay 29.99!!! Free shipping, bro!!!!!!!! And i fell in love with these rings... Matchmaker from the Gatsby collection.  sorry I can't share a picture! But they adorable and classy. oohhh la laaaaaaaa.

So I got those and Darling Gems as well. pretty excited for those cute dainty stackables too!!!! soo cute.
i'm excited. :)

So if you want to sign up, PLEASE use this link! So I can get points which can get me discounts! BOOM! always a plus!


Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Remix. -- Enter my 8 yr old fangirl.

I used to loveeeeee New Kids on the Block. I am still happy they made a comeback. Jonathan was always my favorite. haha Still is. But Donnie is such a nice guy.....

I need to see them in concert. For real.

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Free anti- wrinkle eye serum!

Stemulance anti aging skin care <-- anti="" better="" eye="" free="" from="" get="" it="" p="" serum="" stemulance="" worth="" wrinkle="">

Friday, May 17, 2013

Win a trip to Sea Island!

Win a Trip to Sea Island from allure

Allure and Daily Candy are giving away a trip to Sea Island for 2!!! I've never even heard of this place.. .but I surely wanna go!!!!!!!
Island... beaches. warmth. Yes please!

You can enter without subscribing to Allure, just read the print above the entry form... and click the link!

Thursday, May 16, 2013

In an I Love You Mood.

Despite the title of this blog, i'm not in an i love you mood. Quite the opposite.  i had a bad dream that I do not want to recap..... put me in a bad mood all day.
Then I go outside to cheer myself up, taking pictures of all the birds flying around. I mean i took a LOT of pictures... not sure, at least 200.  I saw the cutest Sparrows. This crazy beautiful bird that was black with BRIGHT ORANGE spots on his wings and head. So pretty!
Then I go somewhere else, and see more of the orange and black birds. Then I see these gophers (or really fat ground squirrels.. no idea) But there was like a huge family of them. CUTEST things! I wanted to keep them all!!
Got great pictures of them and the birds. I was so happy just chilling outside while it was a beautiful PERFECT 90 degrees.
I was excited about all the great pictures I took. Couldn't wait to go home and upload them.

Now, what you must know.. is my memory card kinda croaked on me a week or so ago and i lost a whole bunch of pictures when i was trying to lightning pictures. THANKFULLY I didn't have too many awesome pictures that I lost. But I was very upset about it. So I ordered a new one... and I was very scared to try the new one in the card reader. Because whatever was wrong with my old memory card, it didn't fit right in the card reader. I was afraid it would mess up my new memory card. I was VERY careful, and finally got too scared and put it back in my camera.
A little too late. All of my pictures were gone. I'm seriously in a grieving period.  :( Angry and sad and mad and sad don't cover it. I've just been utterly heartbroken ever since. Heartbroken really...

Well I went to yahoo and found a picture of the pretty bird I was talking about...
aww see how pretty it is???? :( 

Even writing this is making me sadder.  So onward... the title comes from a song. There was a one hit wonder band back in the 90's called LondonBeat.  Well, they shouldn't have been a one hit wonder.. more like a 2 hit wonder. haha. I love this song. And if I wasn't in such a sad mood today about the stupid dream and the things I'm going through emotionally and spiritually, I would have listened to it.
BUT I am.. and I don't wanna talk about it or think about it. BUT I want you to hear the song. Because it's a great song, and if you're missing someone and want to hear a good love song, listen to it. It always gets to me. Great stuff really.

I hope you love it the way I do. Damnit, now I wanna hear it. Ohhh heart, can you handle it?? 

Get FREE Julep beauty box!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So I seen an ad for a free Julep beauty box... so I went and took a quiz and it gave me the best box for my tastes. Julep sells mostly nail polishes (for the little mani/pedi girls out there)  but some other beauty products as well.
Well if you add whatever box you get to your cart and checkout.. add the code FREEBOX and you can get a FREE beauty box! All you have to do is pay shipping, which was $4.
So i was totally ok with paying $4 for something that would have cost me $25. haha I can do that!!!!

I figured you could too!!!!!!!
It was really too good of a deal to pass up!

I got the Bombshell box.  Should be fun!! that Glitter polish... i'm gonna have to try that!

*Just so you know, once you get your box, if you do not wish to continue getting them, be sure and cancel!!!!! I forgot to add that!!!!!!

Groupon.... do it already.

I signed up for Groupon a while back and have bought some deals from it. Today I just got something I've ALWAYS wanted to do... take a paining class!! Only $17. it was half priced! And it's in Wichita, which is a few hours from me (But everything in Kansas is a few hours from you. hahah) And you can set an appointment to do it whenever I have time to.
I'm really excited!!!!!!!! Find this groupon HERE

Well if you were ever thinkin about signing up for Groupon but unsure if they have anything for you, SIGN UP!!  Do it! And if you sign up under that link, I get benefits. Just like your friends will if they sign under you.  :) 

I am really excited about my painting class. and There's some online photography courses I am eventually gonna get too! 

Tuesday, May 14, 2013


This is a great song and I'm writing this in a HURRRYYY as I gotta go to work in like 10 minutes. haha

I just found this on google + and fell in love, like 10 minutes ago. haha I fall in love fast... So listen to it.
I went and bought the album, when I have proper time to jam to the whole thing, I' write a review for ya

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Parental Advisory Warning!!!! " I love to say...."

hahahahahah me and my friend were talking on twitter and text about how even though we literally cuss all the time (it's a habit i can't break yet), when we cuss, people are like "OMG WHEN DID YOU START CUSSING!!?!" like 16 years ago, man.....  sheesh.
And then she told me about this song. And it made me laugh. OHHH DID IT MAKE ME LAUgH!!!!!!!!

it's a little hard.. but it's awesome. especially if you cuss a lot. hehehehehe LMAO!

Friday, May 10, 2013

Songs (yes, plural) of the day.

It's been one of those days. Ups and down. Mostly up because I'm forcing myself to be up. LIke it helps when i'm in public around a crowd of people to not get sad about things bothering me. I do well then, usually.  Even at home I can keep myself distracted with things and stay cheerful. Which is good... But everyone has their times...

For those sad times, I say.. try a lovely song like "God of Wine" Third Eye Blind.
It was one of those songs I had for a good year or two before I actually listened to it. Why? Eh, I'm not sure.  Maybe it was I had to be in the mood for 90s music...finally I listened to it on accident and was like "WHAT?!?!?! THIS SONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" (Yes I really think with that much punctuation) And today it came on my shuffle and the lyrics just get to my heart. So i'm sharing it.

"Over When It's Over" -- Eric Church
this album was really hitting me the other day. I was enjoying it. He has such a country voice, which I normally can't do, but I really like him. Something about him. i dig it.  And this is a really good song.  Just enjoy it.  and if you like it go look for "stoned" it has a good beat to it.

There was another song hitting me today, called "Heartbreaker" - Hanson.  But I can't share it.. cuz they are punks!!!! it was a special fanclub song let out last year and they make sure it isn't accessible to non fanclub members. PUNKS!!!! Just know it's good... hahah!

"Tell Me Something Good"-- Rufus w/ Chaka Khan

Seriously. if you don't like this song... .get off my blog, bro!!!!!!!!!!!! How can you NOT like it?? Doesn't even make sense to me.
So boogie to it. Let the funk guide you.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Because music makes every show better....

My favorite show is Supernatural. If you don't know this..... you don't read much of my stuff. haha!!!!
Well I'm always trying to get people to watch it. Cuz they NEED to..... and i'm a musical person (as you should know as it's one of the only things I ever talk about...)
And that show has the best songs in it.. mostly classic rock. Because they are smart guys, well Dean is.
So watch it.

It's 10 wonderful reason to watch the show. These are actual real clips from the show. Music is a big part of the show.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Garnier Wonder Waves :)

I have the straightest hair of all time...... People literally ask me all the time if I straighten my hair. haha. NO that's boring and natural......
Well I wanted a flexible hairspray (SO hard to find these days.. wth hairspray companies!?) So I got that Garnier Wonder Waves spritzy spray stuff. haha  I used it a little bit as regular spray and  my curls did hold. Which surprised me! BUT the reason I'm writing this.... is because I followed the instructions on the bottle... I sprayed my damp hair, twisted it up and pinned it down with some bobby pins, and let it air dry for a while.
Finally I got tired of waiting for my hair to dry... for such fine straight hair, it takes a billion years for my hair to completely dry..... so I took it down. It WORKED!
I got these cute beachy like waves going on!
I'd take a picture but I'm getting ready to go to sleep.... and you're not gonna see wthout make up when my face looks this awful. hahahah! I'll try another time!

Ohh... and my memory card to my camera died last night..... SADNESS!!!!!! So i coudn't even if I wanted to! Until my new ones comes along.

So check it out... it works!

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Paper Route : The Peace of Wild Things | Free Music Download

Paper Route : The Peace of Wild Things | Free Music Download

you guys I have posted about Paper Route a few times before... Well some of the songs I've posted came from this album. I love it! Great from start to finish. GO GET IT RIGHTTT NOWWWWWWWWW.

do it. It's free for God's sakes!!!!! You need it. Just do it.

Monday, May 6, 2013

joyful noise

I was watching Joyful Noise (the movie) and it wasn't bad really! Better than I expected. Her and Queen Latifah have so much talent. Both of there songs got to my heart today. Hasn't been a good weekend for me..... but I don't want to talk about that.

so i figured i'd just share the songs I liked the most

"here to the moon" -- Dolly Parton

"Fix me Jesus" -- Queen Latifah
my goodness she sounds greattttttt.

hope you don't cry like i did.... good luck.

Saturday, May 4, 2013

God's timetable.

I'm gonna try to not make this really long. I have too much on my mind, heart, and soul that if you got me started, I'd never shut up.

Let's just say this... not a fan, God. Not a fan of your timetables.  not a fan.

To try and make this short so you don't get my emotional blabber... let's just say I get this beautiful sign this morning that I'm not crazy and the things I believe will come to pass. And I was so happy. Inexplainable happy. Had literally no words to explain how I felt.... and that says something!

And then, later in the day.... fate has to remind me that it is still not time for that to pass.  I'd like to say that all those years I prayed for God to answer me if it was going to happen or not, and then getting an answer (numerous times) would make it easier.
I wish it was easier.  It really isn't.   I know you're thinking, "ooh but I'd love to have an answer... then I could just be living in faith!" Right... exactly. So you know it's coming. So you're waiting and looking every single day. and every day it doesn't happen, a little piece of your heart breaks.  And you don't know how one heart can break that much over something that is GOING TO HAPPEN.  like get over it, heart.
But it doesn't happen. But it's SO close you can feel it. And it's right there, you can literally almost touch it. And nothing happens. Something always keeps you from it.
Just right out of your fingertips.  It's walking towards you, and something keeps it from you.
And you're upset and you're walking back to your car (oh no, this isn't personal at all...) and then it drives past you.. if you walked slower, the truck would have had to stop or slow down to not hit you. THAT CLOSE.  and still nothing.
so you try not to cry, pray God would rip out your heart. So you don't have to feel the hurt since it's stillll not time.  Oh when is it time!?!?!
I'll always wait. It's that important to me.. but damn. someone rip out my heart, please.

Not to be dramatic, but please. rip it out. I'd rather wait without it. Especially if it's gonna be another 15 years..... just put me in a coma. haha for real.

so ya. not a fan, God.  Not a fan at all.  I know it's gonna happen, but really.... don't be such a tease about it.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

FREEE MUSIC!!!!!!!!!!! Hanson.. Do it.. don't make me hurt you.

it's free music for the love of Pete. Just get it.
I WILL NOT tell your friends if you have hanson on your computer.... and i won't tell them if you actually like it

hahaha just do it.