Monday, April 1, 2013

Hair Chalking... the horror!


I'm like exhausted and my brain isn't working... but my body won't let me go to sleep... i've been up almost 27 hours straight.. making me feel all kinds of yuck. zzzzz
so i figure if I'm gonna be up, I might as well do something productive.  And I've been meaning to write this blog for days.. but with work and overtime, it didn't get done.....

Ok, well my sister posted on twitter an online coupon for hair chalk for like $15 shipped.  And I've been wanting to try it foreverrrr since I saw Kandee Johnson do it. It looked so cute on her dark hair, so I knew it would work on mine.

So I waited... it shipped from China, was originally supposed to be like $80 (thank God for coupons....) I got it like a week something later. So as soon as I could, I had to try it! The first night, I didn't really get my hair wet enough... the color was barely visible. And it made my hair feel weird... like a bad dry shampoo. But it was tolerable, I guess, since I only did like 2 streaks.

Well that weekend, I was gonna have a girls night with some of my friends, so I was getting all cute and stuff, and knew I was gonna do the chalk in my hair to make it all fun! I had re-watched Kandee's video to make sure I did it right. Made sure it was wet... used the white chalk first so the other colors showed up.  Blow dried my hair. Should've been amazing. Cuz I did everything I could to keep my hair straight as possible so it wouldn't rat up.

Um.................. ew. My hair was the most disgusting thing I've ever felt. It DID rat up. I couldn't even brush through it!!!!! It felt sticky... but dry. I can't even explain it. It was a nightmare.  And trying to get it to smooth out a bit, I ended up pulling most of the color out. But i couldn't even run my fingers or anything else through my hair!
I had done a few streaks and the ends....

Well the next morning, I go wash my hair. Washed it twice. Conditioned it twice. could BARELY feel a difference. My hair was dry and sticky feeling.  The ends were a mess. I couldn't stand it. I could barely run my fingers through my hair all day. It was GROSS.

Next day, I wash and condition my hair again.. leaving the conditioner on longer than I normaly do ( i have naturally oily hair.. i don't keep it on long, it makes my hair too oily).  And my ends are STILL dry. Like gonna have to go make a hair appointment and get a trim bad.
It completely damaged my ends. I have so many split ends now.. I had a few before.. but it made it awful.

So my overall opinion..... DO NOT DO IT!!!!!!!! Don't be tempted by this colorful easy fix. Unless you like disgusting feeling hair.  I personally like my naturally soft, manageable hair.
I don't know about you.........

unless you have dreads... then you might not notice....

see Kandee.. turned out lovely. mine was awful.
don't be tempted!!! 

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