Sunday, March 31, 2013

Lavera Mineral Eyeshadow


I know a week or so ago I wrote about how I got my True Natural beauty box and was so disappointed in the size of things....

Well on further examination, I came to love one of the products in it... Lavera Mineral Eyeshadow.

I got a eyeshadow due, called Caramel Coffee.  It was a mix of a soft pink and a brown color. I had just recently bought some eyeshadow duo that was pink/silver and was sooo disappointed. I look good in pastel colors, but that one didn't even barely show up! i was sad.... very very sad.

But this Lavera was great. The color is accurate to what it shows. It stays (with or without an eyeshadow primer, but I use one just incase...).  I was impressed.  I really like the color, it's soft and pretty, but does the job.

SO give the brand a checking out, if you can!!

Buy it here! Lavera Eyeshadow 

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