Monday, March 11, 2013

What happened to KONY 2012?

What happened to KONY 2012? | Invisible Children |

I am a huge supporter of Invisible Children.  They are an amazing organization!!! Like I can't even tell you. They just move my soul to do something.
I will say once, I gave a donation so they could spread they flyers you will see they mention in the video..... and I got home from work a few days later, and had a voicemail from someone working there, thanking me personally for the donation.  It surprised me! That in all they do, they don't forget to thank the ones that help them.

I know they will find him and catch him. I have no doubt about it.  They are doing everything they can to stop this horrible injustice and save the children of Africa. That is God's work. And it will be done. I'm sure of it.

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