Thursday, March 28, 2013

Music You Need to hear!! Like NEEEED to hear.

You know me.. I'm always up for new music. Like always!!! So therefore, I can find it in a snowstorm if I had to!

So I figured I'd share some great jams that I can't get enough of lately.....

1st up! "Madness" - Muse.
Was never a fan of them....but this song is great. And it's one of those that gets better with every listen. So if you kinda like it the first time, rewind it and try it again! You'll see what I mean!!!

#2.  "Feel Again"-- OneRepublic

Ooh I love OneRepublic. They are so talented.  Ryan Tedder is a wonderful songwriter. Seriously one today I suggest you yahoo (or google) him and you'll see he's written some of the songs you've been jamming to for a long time. Really, he's a genius. And I seem to have a thing for bands from Oklahoma...... so ya. Either way, this is a GREAT jam. Makes me wanna dance.  And there's nothing better than a love that changes you for the better.

#3 "Bartholomew"-- The Silent Comedy

My friend, Laree, had this song because she saw it on a movie.  She played it for me once a while back and I was like 'HOLY CoW!!!" Because one thing you should know about me... drums are my favorite instrument. I'm a complete sucker for a song with some banging drums. You don't even know.  And this one has them. It has soul, it has this great southern bayou feel to it. Just listen to it, already!!!

#4 "Fishermen's Horizon"-- Nobuo Uematsu (performed by the Distant World Philharmonic)

Gonna slow it down and give you something beautiful to enjoy. Last week I had the great pleasure of seeing Distant Worlds in person, in Omaha, Nebraska. Beautiful. I've always wanted to see a symphony live.  And this song was one of the one's I didn't really know.. .and fell in love with it.  That man writes a song that doesn't even need words, and tells an amazing story. This one has a few "ooh's" and "aah's" but that's about it. The atmosphere is felt tho.

#5 "Counting Stars"- OneRepublic (yes again)

Would I put the same band on here twice, if it wasn't important??? No. I wouldn't! It's important.  Given the fact, I'm siting here yesterday listening to their new album, Native, and I'm exhausted. Didn't sleep well, so I kick back and lay my head down on the pillow to relax.  Then the song gets going, and I just jump up.  My feet wouldn't stay still.  There was another song on that album that I literally stopped playing that stupid Candy Crush game, threw my ipod in the air, with joy.  "Preacher" I won't post it.. but look it up. Hell, just go to itunes and buy it. Or walmart. Or wherever the hell you want to buy it! haha Just go buy it!!
Seriously great stuff.. Just do it!!!!

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