Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Muffins with a Chocolate-y twist!

Mmm. I love muffins. I usually buy the pre-made mixes and will make muffins sometimes, every week. Or maybe just once or twice a month. Depends! But I love them. All flavors really. I'm not picky when it comes to muffins.
Well , I went and bought a whole bunch of packs from the store and decided to make some up today. Today I went a pack of Lemon Poppyseed (mmm lemon..) and Chocolate Chip.

this is usually the brand I buy. It's cheap and tastes good.  (and simple!)

Well, I decided today that since I had a jar of Nutella, that I would see how those chocolate chip muffins tasted with a bit of that in it.  I put a large spoonful in with the mix as soon as it was mixed up.  And then baked like normal.  I wasn't sure how the Nutella would bake... but I was hoping for the tastiest!

Well..... let me tell you this! MMMMM!!!! In all reality chocolate chip muffins have always been one of my least favorite (why? I don't know. haha I seem to like the fruitier ones better) But they were so delicious today! The Nutella made them so chocolate-y!!! I can't even tell you. I ate two!!!! So amazing.
Really. I had to tell the entire world. TRY IT! And if you want even more chocolate, I'd say add 2 spoonfuls instead of one. (but you might die from chocolate overload. mmm what a way to go!)


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