Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Easy Ways to Give

If you're like me, money is tight sometimes. But I still want to give to the less fortunate and help out those that really need it.  And sometimes donations just aren't possible to do with the bills I have.
BUT thankfully there are some AMAZING sites where you can help out, for free. Yep, for free! So that way you don't have to feel bad the next time you see a sad commercial about starving kids that need help and you can't send money. I mean, if you can donate, PLEASE DO! There are some amazing organizations that really help!
But when times are tough and you can't... just try these sites -- be sure and sign up.  The more you click, the more points you get. You can enter to win prizes or donate even more to a charity!  which you can click as much as you want! and there are tabs at the top of the page to give to other charities as well!!! This site also has a shop with some great products that give a portion of the profits to the charity of your choice!!!!

Care2  -- has the free click buttons for charities. But you'll also find plenty of petitions and articles to find out so much!! It's a great site.

So there you go! 3 great sites to help out. Because sometimes its not the things we can afford that help out the most, but the fact that we reach our hands out to help.

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