Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Days off, movie marathon.

Hey! So I've had the past few days off. And today is the day before my favorite day of the year, the 4th of July!!!!! So, I went and bought a few tiny fireworks for me and my best friend to pop. Did some smoke bombs earlier. Those are always fun. :)
But afterwards.. I was like "hm... what to do..." So I watched some movies from Redbox. Got "Act of Valor" , "Safe House", "21 Jumpstreet" and "Gone"

I watched "Act of Valor" first... I was hoping this movie would be great because the previews made it look so awesome. I expected to be moved by patriotism (fitting right before Independence Day). Didn't happen. I thought the story just fell flat for me.... I ended up downloading free games on my ipod and playing them through the whole thing.  Now, I often like to multi-task during movies, but this time wasn't for fun. It was because I was bored.

"Safe House" ... now Denzel Washington is one of my all time favorite actors. That man does no wrong in my eyes. Ryan Reynolds... well he's just good on my eyes! haha! But overall it was a decent movie. Denzel performs like he always does. Ryan, takes his shirt off a few times.. and acts his butt off. So that was good. :) Had a good twist in the story too. Overall, I'd recommend it.

"21 JumpStreet"  ok.. didn't know what to expect from this. Never watched the tv show growing up. But I knew that Jonah Hill is really funny sometimes.  Well he actually co-wrote this movie and it was surprisingly really funny! I ended up laughing throughout.  And Channing Tatum was awesome in it, as well! I hadn't seen a lot of his stuff (I did just see "Magic Mike" last weekend).  He was funny and very likeable in this movie.  And there are SO many quotable lines. DEFINITELY recommend it.  (ps. There is quite a bit of drug humor, since they are on a drug bust. Which I normally don't find funny, but it worked well in this movie)

I haven't watched "Gone" yet.. I will let you know. I am about ready to hit the hay!

If I don't get time to blog tomorrow, be sure and have a SAFE and FUN 4th!!!!!!!!!! Go out and eat lots of food! Pop all those fireworks!! Have a good time. Its a great day :)

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