Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Spark People-- calorie tracker

well if you can't tell, i'm in full swing of counting calories and trying to lose weight. Don't get me wrong, I'm ALWAYS counting calories..... but after a friend of mine on twitter, Carly, mentioned it, I figured a calorie tracker can't hurt. She told me about the site/app Spark People  where you can track calories, fitness, and make weight loss goals.
It is nice to see them so you know what you have left for the day to eat.  I usually would add all day trying to remember stuff.  This is a bit easier!!!
And the website has a lot of recipes as well to help you keep on track.  Which I find helpful. Because you can go to the store and buy this healthy food... and then you're like "uh.... what to do with it!!!!!" I can be creative..but for some reason not with food! hahaha!

Welll I hope you like it if you try it out!! :)


  1. Hi, it's me Carly! :) I'm so glad you joined! Could you put 'carlystur' as the username of the person who referred you? That's me on SparkPeople. :) Thanks!

    1. oh ya sure thing i'll see if i can find you on there!