Wednesday, August 29, 2012

band to check out, Man On Earth

hey guys! I don't know about you, but bands love me! HAHAHAHAH!! no really, they kinda  do. I just put a vibe into the universe and they find me. They KNOW I love them. They know i NEED them. So they find me... .usually on twitter.  And I will follow any band that follows me. Because you never know what you will find.  There are some great bands out there that no one has ever heard of!!

Well the other day, a band followed me Man On Earth. And after they said they played Gibson Les Paul guitars (my favorite kind! 90% of the bands I listen to play Gibson. My ears love that sound) I decided I better go listen to the music. Well I did. And it was good stuff!!!!! :)
So I decided to share.
It's a good mix of rock/pop/alternative  very radio friendly. They could have a real career one day if the doors open for them. :)

Check it out!!   :)

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