Saturday, January 8, 2011

Quick post.... Check this site out

you can add your food and workouts. Keeps track of it in a really nice log.
Also has an app for the ipod touch/iphone! I have that. very nice and easy to use!

You can add a bar to your google homepage or your safari toolbar.

Its been very helpful to me. I hope you find it the same if you're on a weight loss adventure yourself.

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  1. My apologies for this, but I have been searching for a song that I believe you tweeted about listening to a couple weeks ago. It's Where's the Love by Hanson, the Sega World remix. I had it long ago on my first computer, but lost it when I had to wipe its memory, and I would love to get another copy of it, but have been coming up empty no matter where I search for it.

    If you have it and wouldn't mind sharing - or even if you could point me in the direction of someplace where I could buy it, I would be very grateful to you.

    My email address is Thanks in advance, but no worries if you can't help me.