Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Diet is on!

Alright well first few days of January have not been very good for my diet.
My friend Natalie came into town. We ordered pizza, played video games, ate lasagna.
Calories! eeks! But she's home now (sadness.. she's so fun!) and I'm back to eating healthy again.
I work at McDonald's (eww yes i know.... horrible job.) but I get free meals there every day and there are enough low calorie, low fat options that i'm not gonna starve to death.

Today I did some exercises, sit ups, leg lifts, you know. And i'm gonna eat 2 grilled chicken wraps and apple dippers. (approx 700 calories) and for some reason it fills me up. If i get hungry later, i'll have a parfait or maybe some more apples. :)
If you eat fast food a lot, be sure and look online at the nutritional information. You'll be surprised!!!!!
Good luck kids on your weight loss adventures.

And to all my new followers from the blog hop, thanks! Hope i don't bore yoU!


  1. I'm your newest follower from Tuesday Blog Hop. Good luck with your healthy eating. Actually, I really like Mc'D's oatmeal - quite delicious =)

    Follow back?

    Sandie lee

  2. thanks i follow you :)
    I tried the oatmeal w/out the brown sugar and it was too plain. maybe i'll try it with the sugar today at work :)
    i know it only has like 210 calories. that's good!