Friday, January 7, 2011

I think I love tortillas.. too much!

It's true! I should become a spokesperson for some great tortilla company! Because what do i eat? Wraps! Tacos! I don't even use bread really! I'm like "that'd taste better in a tortilla!" haha and why?
less carbs? maybe!
less calories? eh its about the same really.

I don't know what it is, but let's overview my meals today.
2 grilled steak soft tacos (fresco) from taco bell!
apples with strawberry dip (wow that stuff was sweet... almost too sweet)
2 eggs scrambled on a tortilla with one piece of sliced cheese
a piece of colby cheese
2 pieces of turkey bacon (grease wiped off), sliced tomato and mustard on a.. TORTILLA!!!
think i'm gonna eat another bacon wrap soon.. mmm soo good. I love turkey bacon.

Someone should put me in commercials to sell things. I could do that job, well!!!!

WEll my diet is going on well as you can see.. as all of that was like 1165 calories (approximately, but mostly correct) Can't beat that!

But today i went Gym Shopping.... and there were two that on paper were cheap.. one a few blocks from my house and cheaper.. but did i pick that one? ohh no. I need fancy things! ugh.. sometimes my tastes need to have a chat with my BUDGET! I work at McDonald's, self. Well I slapped down twice as much money as i wanted to spend. But that gym is great. Lots of options and I can take any of there classes or just use the equipment.
Good stuff. I'm ready to use it. Going to make a gym bag and keep it in the car :)
The world wants me to fail at this diet and keep me fat and well fed.. .. I won't let that happen!
I am GOING to succeed and get down to my goal weight. Oh yes, I will!!

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