Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Helpful things for your weight loss goals

Hello again!

I didn't expect to blog this soon.. but hey, i found some good stuff for you!

I was looking for a calorie counter so i can keep track of my daily calories, and stumbled upon a great site with lots of helpful calculators and such to help you along the way.
Gosh, knows I will need it!!!

there are TONS of body fat calculators, your calorie deficit calculator (tells you how many calories you need a day to maintain your weight), and even things to do and say when the excuses get in your way!

Now I've learned plenty about myself.. which i'm gonna share, because goodness knows... I don't want to! I have to!

alright.. FUN FACTS

Current Weight: 185.0lbs
Short-Term Goal: 165.0lbs
Long-Term Goal: 140.0lbs
Weight Report: Last 6 Months

Body Fat %
Current Body Fat %: 26.19%
Short-Term Goal: Set Goal
Long-Term Goal: Set Goal
Body Fat % Report: Last 6 Months

BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate) <-- what your body burns without doing anything. BMR: 1635 calories

Also some fun things I learned yesterday with my eating.
LIke I said, I work at McDonald's, so this is kind of like my "i'm stuck working fast food so i'm gonna use it to my advantage" diet. Take it as you will!!!

I had a parfait for breakfast, was starving later on by the time i got to work!
on my break, knowing that milk can make me feel fuller, i drank two small cartons of milk (200 calories. 16 oz) and had a grilled chiken wrap (with no ranch sauce, used MILD picante instead. im sure that saved me about 50 calories alone!!!) and apple dippers (100 calories, cuz i love that caramel dip. haha)

I ate another grilled chicken wrap the same way, later on that night. And had another parfait.

approximately 1300 calories throughout the day.. was full! :)
I drank diet coke and tea with lemon and sweetener. See, I don't like a lot of sugar, so I'm sure some people won't find this helpful. haha But I also just prefer the taste of sweeteners. (even though science says they aren't that much better. ohh poo on science!!)

Well I hope you find the site helpful. And for those of you that have no idea about calories and such.... I suggest you sign up for a daily email from "eat this, not that" or go pick up a book. Very helpful!!!!! You'll be surprised!

Also, incase you didn't know, it takes about 3500 calories to gain or LOSE a pound. yes, that many!!! that's a lot of cutting out.. i know. but they say you should try to cut/burn about 500 calories a day to lose a pound a week. Double that if you want to lose 2. :)
But they say don't try and lose too fast, cuz its easier for your body to gain it back!

Alright, i'm out. Need a shower and to do some sit ups and such. Take care! Good luck!


  1. I must add to this!!

    I was like STARVINGGG before work... parfait didn't fill me up.

    So i went online to and searched their nutritional info. WEll i knew the fresco menu was supposed to be healthy, so i decided to try something off of that.
    Wow! LET ME TELL YOU THIS:the Fresco Grilled steak soft taco is the most amazing thing I've ever eaten!!!! SOOOOO TASTY!! i love taco bell's steak! Its only 160 calories with 4.5 g of fat.
    try it. you won't be upset about it. and its cheap too :)

  2. Following you back.
    If you want FB and Twitter followers, I am game, LMK.