Sunday, January 2, 2011

New Year, New me.


Well the new year isn't starting out much different than last year, but thats not all by choice. haha! My friend Natalie came down to visit me. She's staying the 1-3rd. We ordered pizza last night and just being girls and having fun, eating food and playing games. That was the plan.
So my diet is ruined for these first 3 days. but its ok! I'm not discouraged!!
And i'm trying not to pout about being bloated right now (as the mother nature is knocking on my door....) because those 5 lbs-ish will go away in a week or so. And I'm looking up gyms and exercise things to join so i can stay motivated and push myself.
Looking for good deals. I'm not going to fail. I'm SICK of failing on this topic.

Next topic. .. I haven't felt pouty. I think I really must have left some of those insecurities and bad feelings in 2010 like I wanted to. GOOD! Lets keep it that way.
And thankfully, my sweet friend Penny is letting me join her phone plan and I'll be saving LOTS of money on my phone bill. And I switched insurance so i'm saving a bit there too.
Still am in debt over my head... but maybe there's a way out...
Soon I'll find a 2nd job and it'll work out.

Staying positive, hope your doing the same!


  1. Well I wish you luck on staying positive for the year! :-) Great Blog Post!

  2. thanks kelsey!!! :) I've been doing good so far.