Friday, January 11, 2013

mmmm mmm mmm!!

I'm perfume picky. I don't like musks. I don't like STRONG scents. I like light scents, natural scents, like florals and fruits.
Well I went and ordered some stuff from Sephora  the other day and you get 3 free samples with every order! BOOM! But this day, it was all perfume.. which like I said, I'm very picky. SO I just picked a few and grumbled.

Well my stuff got here and I was like "I can at least smell these samples, even though I didn't want perfume" .... and then I fell in love. HAHAHA! With the brand CLEAN.  Man, that was well named. That scent is soooo fresh and clean. Shower Fresh is probably the best smelling perfume I've ever smelled.  It made me think of ... flowers and rain and magic! But like this beautiful soft scent that lasted quite a bit too! I was amazed! They have a fan for life right there!!
And then I tried the other one, Rain, and love it as well! Wearing it right now. I tell ya, it was hard to break away from Shower Fresh, but i like it.  Rain smells like a flower as well...definitely more of a floral scent than the other.  But it's pretty! Makes you feel like a lady.
I can't wait to try there other stuff!!!!!

Soooooooo GOOO LOOK THEM UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Clean twitter 

Official site

Facebook link

so go. go now. or go to Sephora and find a way to get a sample! or if you're luckier than I am and live near a city... get to a department store and find a spray bottle!!!!

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