Monday, January 21, 2013

Face Primers Review-- ELF and Sephora.

Now I've been trying to do some reviews to help you guys out. I don't get paid for this. I don't get this stuff for free... I BUY it. And press my luck and pray that it will help my silly face issues.
And when I find a good one, I wanna share! To help others out. Cuz ladies... really... make up is such a gamble sometimes to find something that really works for you!
Well I found TWO good face primers.... and between them I don't really have a favorite.... so I'm gonna do them together..

Sephora Perfecting Primer.  

Elf Mineral Infused Face Primer

Ok both of these are what I've been using.  (i'll put some links to buy the stuff at the end) And really... I can't tell a difference between them. They both feel very smooth on my skin and help soak up oil and smooth my skin.  You don't need much of either, like one pump.  
Between this and my foundation, i've had a lot of luck.  
I do know one day I forgot to wear one of them.... and my skin was still oily and gross.  So they REALLY did a difference. 

Either one is a good buy for sure. Especially if you have oily skin and want to soak some of that up and help make your overall skin appearance a bit smoother.
Really both are good!!!!!!

if you wanna buy Sephora's Perfecting Primer... HERE!!! 

and ELF (about half the price...and like I said, VERY similar) --- HERE! 

and can I say just ONE more thing about ELF... I ordered some of their cream eyeliner from Amazon in Teal Tease  and I LOVED it. It came with a little brush to put on... and it was EASY and smooth. and I got so many compliments on that color. It's really pretty! AND it stayed all day too.  Gosh I love when they do that. hahaha!
They have so many great pops of color. Try some! They are a really good price at $4-7! Not that bad really for something that works and makes you feel pretty. 

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