Monday, January 21, 2013

Make Review-- Put a Lid on It! from the Balm

Hey! Sorry it's been so long.. Work Work and More Work.
I work a lot of 12 hour shifts day after day after day. But the money's nice, so I try to not complain about it too much! Because I've been able to pay all my bills AND buy me some new things.

LIke I have gone make up crazy lately. I signed up for Birchbox monthly subscription for high end beauty samples. $10 a month for 5 samples. So I'm trying all that stuff, and it's been overall really awesome! :) 
Well this month I got an eyeshadow primer, which I've ALWAYS wanted to try. Because my oily skin just leaves my eyeshadow creasy and smeary by the end of the day.. or completely disappeared.
I've been using a face primer to help control that oil (WORKING!!! but that's for another blog) and Proactiv (ALSO WORKING!!!) but unless i used my Hard Candy liquid eyeshadow, all my shadows would crease and disappear.

So I was very excited to try this. It's called "Put a Lid on It" by the Balm.  I put on my foundation and primer and then put a VERY TINY bit of this on both of my eyelids and let it dry a moment.
I used some eyeshadow I got for Christmas, in one of those little make up sets that aren't usually very expensive, but they have cute stuff... it just never lasts.  Well.... with that primer, i was blown away! I put on all my makeup at 1pm.  At 4am when I got home, it was still on. that's what..... 15 HOURS!!!!!!!! 
SOOOO if you thought I was gonna have that amazing of a result and not tell the entire world, you're crazzzzyyyyyy!!!!

HAHAHA!!!! Really.. if you have eyeshadow creases and staying problems, I would suggest trying it out.  Blew my mind for real!!!!! 

So if you wanna try it out, I found it HERE at Birchbox for $18.
I know.. seems like a lot of money.. .but GIRLLLLLLLL, if you wanna look good all day and night, I wouldn't pass it up. When I run out, I'm gonna cry!!!!!!

OOH! And I forgot to mention....  I normally get the mascara spots on my eyelids, you kno where your eyelashes touch your eyelids... i hate that. THAT DID NOT HAPPEN EITHER!!

party on, wayne.  

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