Wednesday, October 3, 2012

The voice..... "hey i know that guy!!!"

So I've been a fan of the Voice since it came out pretty much!! Well I was catching up on the new season on hulu... and this guy gets up, starts talking about his life and such. I was only half paying attention at the time... he sang. I liked him, but he didn't get any button pushes. I would've hit mine... and then they ask his name... "Jeffrey James' andi go..... I KNOW THAT GUY!!!!

Not well.. but I've been following him on twitter for like 2 years. I remember listening to his demos a few years ago.  He's really grown musically! He has a lot of potential for sure. I think if he came back to the show in a year, he'd make it for sure.

But I wanted to tell you, so you could check him out!!!!!!!

And plus, if bands start following you on twitter (gosh i think a GOOD chunk of my followers are musicians/bands on there) check them out. You never know what you're missing!!!!

Jeffrey James 

ps... if you ever wanna know of some fun bands that you've never heard of... let me know. i know a TON!!!

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