Sunday, October 21, 2012

Songs of the Day.... good if you're struggling.

Decided to do TWO songs of the day.  Both by the same artist, Kirk Franklin.  He's an amazing gospel artist.  A FANTASTIC songwriter.  I'm telling you. He can say things in songs that help you understand things you've wanted to for a long.. .and he really puts his heart out there to show people they are not alone.

song 1:  "Hello Fear"  -- this song... i love it. We all deal with fear in our lives in some area. I know I am.  Just know as I write this... I'm realizing some things that i"m dealing with... wakes you up.

song 2:  "I Smile" -- another great song.  If you're having a bad day, listen to it.  The hardest thing to do when you're upset is smile. but sometimes its the most important thing we have to do.  Our minds are constantly beating us with negative thoughts, worry and doubts.  We have to force ourselves to think about different stuff.  So listen to this and smile.

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