Sunday, September 2, 2012

"Flamingo". You need it.

Yo!!! I'm just sitting here jamming out. It's what I do! But I'm jamming out to one of my ALL time favorite albums. One of those special gems that no matter how many times you listen to it, it just gets better! You don't really ever get tired of it. It's just amazing. All the time!

SOOOOOOO I decided to share it with you!
Flamingo by Brandon Flowers

Seriously guys.. never get sick of this album! Even my CAR loves this album. I know.. a car loving an album? Sounds ridiculous. I'm not kidding!
I took a road trip once for a concert with my mom, and my stereo was messed up so we had like a cd player we brought with us. Hooked my ipod up to it, so we could have more musical  variety.  Well the ONLY time it decided to work correctly was when this album was on. If we tried anything else, it would mess up. You couldn't hear the music. The wire would just stop working. It was really weird!
 And also, one of the songs on here "jilted lovers and broken hearts".. its my car's (whose name is Muffin) favorite song. If you were near me and could be in my car when that song was on, you'd see. She drives smoother, the wind doesn't bother her. haha! it's really quite amusing. You'd just have to see it to believe it.

here take a listen!!!

So... i'm gonna give you some links of where to buy this AMAZING album. If you hate it, send it to me. I'll use it. haha! But I will say....... Brandon Flowers' songwriting... he has this amazing gift, that you can listen to a song once and be like "not bad.... not great" but I PROMISE you this.. give it another listen. Those songs go from "eh" to "the greatest song i've ever heard in my entire lifeeee" with a listen or two.  It's weird.. but it just works that way!!!

ok. links!

Amazon CD 

Amazon MP3 

Itunes Deluxe Edition 

Itunes Regular Edition

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