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songs for Zac (the reasons why)

Songs for Zac.

(Disclaimer: most of these songs are sung by men. So when the lyrics go “oh girl” or something like that, please note, I do NOT think you are girly in any way! I just appreciate male singers better. And these songs just fit what I’m trying to say. So change it in your head to “oh boy” or something like that!!! :) )

“Waiting for a star to fall” – Boy Meets Girl

I picked this song because of the lyrics. If you really listen to them it makes a lot of sense in the way I feel about you. Its talking about how he wants this girl (remember to flip that around haha) and he’s waiting for her for a long time and nothing’s happening. But he keeps waiting and his feelings are growing stronger because “that’s where you belong in my arms, baby yeah”. He feels like something is gonna happen from it, no matter how unrealistic it looks

“Standing Right In Front of You” – Keith Urban

Well I had to pick this song, because well I’ve been to quite a few of your shows and met you .. .ohhh like 8-10 times and yet there are so many times you never remember me. And I know you meet lots of people all the time, so I don’t take it to heart. But sometimes the thing that might be good for you, has been there all the time and you never see it. Just saying ;) Be sure and pay attention to the lyrics on this one!

“I Believe in a Thing Called Love” – The Darkness

haha ok well this is just a fun song. And we have to have some upbeat songs that say “hey I have a crush on you!” So just rock out to this one, Zac.

“Let My Love Open the Door” – Pete Townsend

Here’s another great song. As much as I care for you I would NEVER want you to get hurt, but if anyone ever does hurt you, I will be there for you. If you’re willing to trust again. :)

“I’ve Got My Mind Set on You” – George Harrison

haha dang man.. this song fits every word!!!! EVERY WORD. So just listen to lyrics and enjoy it, it’s a good song! :) (Oh ps, have you ever seen this video? Haha omg its so funny)

“Cha Cha” – Tinted Windows

Now, I had some hesitation putting this one on, because well… your brother’s singing it. Haha That might be weird, I hope it’s not! But anyway, I picked this song, because it’s a really fun song. And I’m not exactly sure what a cha cha is, but I always sing this song to you when I’m rocking out to it. Zac, you’re my cha cha. And whether that’s a pom-pom or a funny feeling in your tummy….I’m not sure. :) haha but its all good.

“You Make Me Feel Like Dancing” – Leo Sayer

Oh boy! I loveee this song. :) It reminds me of you almost more than any other song on the list! Haha I cannot tell you, how many times (as dorky as this is gonna sound) I see you and I’ll just go skipping around the house or dancing around like a fool. There’s something about you that puts a HUGE smile on my face. I just have to go dancing on the moon! :) :) :) :) :)

“Stuck in the Middle With You” – Steeler’s Wheel

Now, I do not dedicate this song to you. So why put it on the list? Well, the first time I met you on August 5, 2004 when we went to take our picture, you started singing the chorus of this song. And it reminded me of my old fave commercial (about underwear. Haha oh it was funny). And in the picture, I look like a complete idiot, cuz you had me laughing… thanks for that. Hahahahaha ;) But ya, so now every time I hear this song, I’m reminded of that great day. So that I can thank you for all the way! :)


‘You Don’t Know My Name” – Alicia Keys

Well I think this one should be obvious. You don’t really know me, but I feel this very strong connection to you. :p Very pretty song, very true song that just had to go on here. (Ps. My name is Natasha Gilbert!)

“Be With You” – Mr. Big

Ok now some of this song doesn’t fit, like the very beginning… but the rest does! I know there are a MILLION girls that are prettier than I am and not as dorky either! And I’m just sitting here saying “listen, if you want someone who likes you for you, then I’m the one.” And if you think I’m just a kook then you’ll just put me out of your head, and that’s that. But ya, before I get too serious here, it’s a good song. I love it. I’m a 90’s kid. :) So “let me the be one to show you, I’m the one who wants to be with youuu” (oh and you better snap to this song. Its more fun if you snap!)

“When I See You Smile” – Bad English

Oh sigh. :) I love this song. It’s a great dorky 80’s love song. But like all dorky love songs, its like really true. I love your smile. When you smile, it could light up the whole universe! And lately, you haven’t been smiling as much, and that breaks my heart. So please, smile more. And enjoy this lovely dorky love song too. Get a lighter out that should set the mood!”

“Don’t Go Loving On Nobody But Me” – Blake Shelton

:) I love Blake Shelton, he sings a good love song. This song I’d like to think is TRUE TRUE TRUE… I believe that I could take really good care of you, Zac.

“Sitting On Go” – Bryan White

hehe another country song and another dorky song from the 90’s. Do you remember Bryan White? Well, he had some fun songs back in the day. This is one of them. “oooh whenever you’re ready, I could be yours in a second or so. Ooh baby come and get me, my heart’s sitting on go.” :) I like the lyrics to it, dorky, but yet again, true.

“I’m Gonna Make You Love Me” - Temptations Ft/ Diana Ross

do do do! :) Am I winning your heart yet? Cuz this was my original plan. :)

If not, well crap. Keep listening… Because if Motown can’t win your heart, then I surely do not know how! It wins my heart for sure. God, I love Motown.


“Lean on Me” –Bill Withers

Now, this here is one of my all time favorite songs. It’s just timeless! And yet again, SO TRUE. So if you ever need someone call me. 620-804-2949 and I’ll be there for ya. It’s hard to find true friends in this world, and you might not believe it, but I would never do you wrong. I’m a good true friend. Friends are so hard to come by and I appreciate all of mine. So lean on me. :)

“You Belong With Me” – Taylor Swift

Well I think this one is obvious. Not all the lyrics fit, but the general idea is what I’m trying to pass along. I’m not at all glamorous and fancy. I’m very much a homebody that live in jeans and a t-shirt but you know, glitz isn’t everything. I think you would know that more than anyone.

I’d like to take a mere second to say, I sure hope you are ok. You just look so down lately, and I’m not sure what’s wrong with you, but I hope you’re ok. I don’t like when you’re sad. Breaks my heart. Ok serious moment over… enjoy the song now!

“I Knew You Were Waiting For Me” – George Michael ft/ Aretha Franklin

Aah yes, great song here. Now this song, you could almost dedicate to me. Haha Cuz here I sit, waiting for you. So maybe this song, explains our future. Haha Maybe I can see the future!!! Ooh that’d be nice. ;) Either way, I love this song. Sure, its dorky, but I would expect nothing more from myself.


“If I Were Your Woman” – Gladys Knight and the Pips

Ok, you’ve reached the most serious song on the cd. This is 100,000,000,000% the truest song I’ve dedicated to you. I could get all sappy on you and explain why, but I’ll let you just listen to Gladys. She says it better than I could. Gosh, I can’t explain how true this song is for me.

“Here” – Rascal Flatts

Oh man, this song pulls at my heart. This is the song that makes me think of you all the time I hear it. And when you listen you’ll be like “uhh why, woman? We’re not together.” Yes, I know this. But, however, if we ever are together, this is exactly what I’ll be singing! Now, I’m not trying to sound ungrateful, but you weren’t the person I thought I’d fall for, and it’s not always easy when everything says to move on, but your heart won’t let you. But however, I believe that you are worth it. You’re one of those people that are worth the fight. Worth the tears. In just the off chance that one day I could be near you, be someone important to you, is enough for me. I’ll keep hoping. Blind dumb hope while the whole world tells me I’m a complete fool. Maybe so, but it could end up being so very worth it. I’ll take my chances. :)

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  1. well that's the thing about you Tasha your not afriad to say how you feel.