Thursday, February 7, 2013

That's where they get me.. Free samples from Sephora.

Gosh I'm a sucker!

I get an email from Sephora (oohhh only one of my favorite places to shop online....besides Amazon) and they say something like "buy some stuff and you can get a whole bunch of free stuff" and I usually just hit delete......because I know me too well.
but I didn't today. Why? Because i'm going to California in 2 weeks.... and I want to have some awesome stuff to take with me so I'm as glamourous as the state!!!!!!!

oohh. i love it! I can't wait to try it!!

So I ended up getting this eyeshadow set for $26. I'm a sucker for a light sparkle!

and ending up getting a bag of free perfume samples! PLUS 3 other samples!!! (2 face creams and 1 perfume)  AND since I had 100 beauty points as a beauty insider... i got free mascara.

Those sneakyyyyy jerks! They get my money again!

Oh well. I should look cute!!! And smell cute.

If you want to head over.... be sure and use the code IMPRESS and pick your bag of free perfume samples. there are 4 different sets to choose from, I chose casual. but i am. haha so it fits

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