Monday, April 16, 2012

sorry for the so few posts.

Sorry for the few amount of posts. I was trying to get better at blogging here... and then my computer screen messes up. I've had this computer over 4 years now (apple macbook, i HIGHLY recommend it) and its the first real problem it's had. But I have a line in the middle of my screen that makes it so i can't see a good 1 1/2 inches of my screen now. So ya. Makes it a little difficult to find awesome stuff to share! haha!

But I will try to keep it going as best as I can until I can get a replacement screen.

Until then be sure and check out NOISE TRADE each week and get some free tunes. :)
and follow my sister, Kelsey,  Chic N Savvy Reviews for all kinds of free stuff and her great reviews.  She blogs every day. She's a blogaholic. hehehe!

Well take care and i'll get back to you if i find awesome stuff you MUST know!

peace, ya'll.

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