Saturday, April 21, 2012


Hey, yo!! It is almost 4 am. And I just worked 13 hours and am SO tired.. but yet i'm awake.  Why is this? Because I'm rocking out!!!!!!!!!! \m/ ooh ya!

Well we had a band tonight at work.  (I changed job a month or so ago, now work at a bar.) Which was awesome, because live music is one of my most favorite things in the whole world!!!! (cue Julie Andrews...) Well I get in the car, I'm feeling icky, something is bothering my stomach. And all I wanna do is go get a sprite and drive home so I can sleep.
WELL ...plan mostly ruined! haha I get the sprite, talk to my old coworkers at McD's and drive home.
When a song that my friend Nikkie told me was awesome came on the radio "Soldiers" by the band Otherwise. And omg. that song.. THAT SONGG!!!
See i love drums. I love great guitar riffs. I love jamming bass lines. put them all together with GREAT lyrics.. and you have a winner!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

whew. had to stop and rock out again. haha Put those arms up, kids!! ok. watch this video (ok the video is a little boring...) BUT LISTENNNNNN to the song. give it a shot. You'll love it. I promise!!!

SOLDIERS-- Otherwise

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