Tuesday, January 5, 2010

oh the new year

I haven't written on here much, i keep forgetting i have one. haha
But Its a new year 2010... i've been waiting for this year for a long time. I just feel like this year has more potential than any year so far...
A few of my resolutions this year:
1. lose weight. but gosh isn't that everyone's? haha
2. take some photography classes and get started on that.
3. get prepared to take some music production classes.
4. learn more guitar and play it more!
5. get to playing my keyboard more. :)
6. let go of my worries/doubts/fears about myself. I have SO many
7. forgive myself easier. i forgive everyone, but not me....

Ok well i'm sitting here watching Heroes, and i'm all distracted... so i better quit. :)


  1. EhEh! I love this post! Like the others!
    A new year.
    A new life.
    Well... I think.... xD


  2. Good resolutions. I have lose weight on my mine too. i think that's a universal resolution